I’ve married at the right Time: Perizaad Zorabian


June 14, 2007

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The beautiful Parsee babe, Perizaad Zorabian is rocking post marriage. She says that she has married at the right time and wants to enjoy life to the fullest with her hubby. Perizaad does not feel that marriage would hamper her film career and says that Kajol is her role model. Here is an excerpt of her interview.

Q: Are you not afraid that post marriage your industry status will decline?

A: I don’t think so. For, firstly I am not a part of your conventional Bollywood scene. Rather off beat independent cinema (‘Morning Raga’ and ‘Devaki’) is my forte and hence marriage should not affect my standing. In fact, I have got more offers post marriage then before.

Secondly, even the so called mainstream cinema is undergoing a change with the successful return of Kajol and Madhuri. Our audiences are getting mature enough to accept married woman as heroines.

Q: How has marriage been?

A: It’s been superb. Marriage gives you the necessary grounding in life. People often say that you have made mistake getting married now. I don’t think so. I am in love and hence decided to take the plunge. I don’t want to get married when I am old. Now is the right time to enjoy life with my darling hubby!

Q: How do you balance both house and work?

A: I have left a few films for they required me to be out of Mumbai. My role model in this scenario is Kajol. I have seen her cutting vegetables at home and taking care of the kids. A perfectly domesticated wife, yet she rocked the screen in ‘Fanaa’.

Q: What attracted you towards Boman?

A: Boman is a real hot dude. Unlike most other rich Mumbai folks, he has no airs around him either. We first met at a charity foundation, where he spoke with great sincerity and honestly. Later, he asked me out for coffee and the rest is history.

Q: Rank your best film till date?

A: I really liked Jenny of ‘Joggers’ Park’. She was one bindass girl, who had no qualms about her long line of boyfriends. She is not like most hypocritical woman, who act like Sati-Sativatri’s but still shameless play the field.

Q: Your role in ‘Arranged Marriage’ was that of the other woman?

A: Although Bikram Saluja and I were unmarried in the movie, our love seemed so perfect that it tended to overshadow all the other legitimate couples as well.

The full credit for this goes to Meghna Gulzar for presenting the other woman in a very nice light. What I really like about was the fact that in the end she walks out of the relationship, realising they have no future together.

Q: But this film bombed big time?

A: ‘Arranged Marriage’ was Fardeen and Esha’s movie. I was roped in at the last moment. Having worked with PNC (‘Bollywood Calling’ and ‘Mumbai Matinee’) before, I said yes without even reading the script.

Normally, before signing on the dotted line, I make sure that I fully identify with not only my character but the entire story line as well. The director’s handling of the theme forms an important part of my above though process.

Q: What next?

A: I have three films coming up. N Chandra’s ‘Breaking News’ where I play a khadoos executive news producer. Raman Bhardwaj’s romantic comedy ‘Kabhi Up Kabhi Down’ with Sanjay Suri. Last, but not the least, is a double role in ‘Highway 2003’. It is a psychological thriller opposite, Kay Kay Menon.

I am really looking forward to ‘Kabhi Up Kabhi Down’ where my character, Radhika Bulbul kidnaps a director. The poor thing after struggling for three years and not getting even an extra’s role is forced to take this extreme step. It’s a sad love story but you will laugh.

Q: Your favorite co-star?

A: That would have to be Mr. Amitabh Bachchan, in ‘Ek Ajnabee’. It was a great honor of having worked with this legend of Bollywood.

Q: What’s your fashion style?

A: You will mostly see me in blue jeans and a T. If I have to go for a formal do, then saree is the perfect ensemble. This eternal Indian garment makes a woman look the most beautiful.

Q: Your Favorite holiday destination?

A: New York, I have studied and worked there for 3 years. The Big Apple has something which constantly pulls me toward it. – Anil Merani

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