Percy Batliwalla Heads Bank of America in Singapore


April 28, 2010


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Received via email from Maneck Bhujwala

According to India-West News of April 23, 2010,

“A Parsi Zarathushti, Percy Batliwalla in May will join Bank of America Merrill Lynch as head, Asia Pacific, financial institution treasury sales.

He will be based in Singapore. Batliwalla most recently held a similar post at JP Morgan. He was also corporate finance sales head for Western India at GE Capital Services India and held executive posts at American Express Bank in India and Singapore.”


  1. Marzban Vesuna

    Well done Percy! Congrats on your new regional role in a premier global institution. All the very best for the regional challenges and continue to move ahead in the future making the Parsi community proud as usual.

  2. Aloke Dutta

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