Perin Boga and Her Contribution to Theater in Pakistan


August 25, 2017

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We are thrilled to see Perin Boga in an interview on Youtube. Perin Boga is an amazing member of the miniscule Parsi community in Lahore, Pakistan, and I had the fortune of meeting her and her sister Rati Cooper in Lahore in January 2016, when they spent a couple of days showing me all around Lahore.

Professor Perin Boga has played a significant role in the promotion of theater in Pakistan, mainly in Lahore, a prominent cultural center of the country. She has trained several leading theater artists mainly including girls. Professor Perin Boga represents one of the only few Parsi families that are left in Lahore. Pakistan Saga’s correspondent Ali Abbas conducted a detailed interview with Professor Perin in this video report.