Remembering Navroz Mody


April 9, 2008

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New Jersey in the 80’s was undergoing a wave of attacks on Indians. These attacks were perpetrated by a group of locals who saw the new “immigrants” as unwanted nuisances in their neighborhoods. They called themselves Dotbusters and stalked the neighborhoods of Jersey City, at that time one of the more dangerous cities of the US.

With this background I would like to point you all to a fantastic piece written by a good friend of Parsi Khabar. Filmiholic is a famous critic of Indian movies and blogs about them on her blog

Her recent post however has nothing to do with films…

…I wanted to post this story here, in the hope that more people will learn about Navroze Mody’s life, and to counterbalance all that’s been written about his violent death…

As Filmiholic put forth in an email to us

….it’s about a young Parsi man who was killed in NJ 20 years ago and to whom I had an unusual connection…..

Continue reading the entire article here. If you like what you read, please let Filmiholic know.