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Rustom Tirandaz Passes Away

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The following is a post by Shernaaz Engineer.

The late Rustom Tirandaz, on the day he won the BPP election (October 2008), elated and determined to forge ahead…

On Republic Day (January 26), when one was at the lovely, lively annual concert of the Activity High School at Peddar Road, vivaciously put together by Principal Perin Bagli and her talented young students, in the crowd there was a lovable lion-in-winter, with his snowy beard and benign smile, Rustom Tirandaz, enjoying the foot-tapping dances with wife Armaity.

The next morning (January 27), he was summoned to a destination so far away that we’ve lost him forever. Rustomji surely had no idea on that Monday evening that these were the last few hours of his life – and neither did we, because we put off the urge to walk across during intermission to say hello, keeping it for another time. Alas!

However, it was a fitting tribute to his spunk and indefatigable spirit that the end came swiftly and suddenly, with no suffering. And he went, quite literally, on his feet…

He was a good man, with much goodwill – which was amply demonstrated at the recent Parsi Punchayet elections, when his surprise victory was greeted with joy.

Being a politician, and a former Mumbai Corporator, he had the propensity to be able to work the crowd with much gusto at any public gathering. He could make fiery speeches at the drop of a hat, full of wit and bravado, endangered by his ability to repeatedly put his foot into his mouth! But his gregarious disposition, easy accessibility, and genuine enthusiasm to do his best for the community won him much admiration.

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