Scouter Pervez S Irani Awarded the Silver Star by President of India


December 14, 2015

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Scouter Pervez Shapur Irani was awarded Scouting’s second highest award the Silver Star, by the President of India at a glittering ceremony at the Rashtrapati Bhavan in New Delhi on December 8th 2015.

Scouter Irani has spent a lifetime of active duty in Scouting at all levels and held various positions in the West Bombay Scouting District.

He started as a scout master at the 32nd West Bombay Scout Group and is currently the District Chief Commissioner of the West Bombay District Association.

We congratulate Scouter Irani and wish him success in Scouting and life, and look forward to more honours and laurels going his way.

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