WZCC Confers Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year to Dr. Villoo Morawala-Patell


March 17, 2009

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Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year; Dr. Villoo Morawala-Patell, Conferred Upon By The World Zarathusthi Chamber of Commerce (WZCC) at Houston,Texas, USA

Submitted by sukhmani on March 12, 2009 – 09:42

Dr. Villoo Morawala – Patell, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of AVESTHAGEN LIMITED has been awarded as the, “Outstanding Entrepreneur of the Year” for her contribution to biotechnology. Kersi Limathwalla, President of the World Zarathusthi Chamber of Commerce (WZCC), an apex global organization of leading entrepreneurs and business persons within the Parsi Zarathushti community, presented this award to her in a ceremony at Mumbai. Avesthagen is a multidisciplinary company that has built integrated capabilities across most areas of biological sciences. It has to its credit several unique projects for e.g. Avesthagenome, a comprehensive genetic study of more than 60,000 Parsi (Zoroastrian) individuals. The project will explore the genetic basis of longevity and create a genetic, genealogic and medical database of the Parsi population in India.

Presenting the award, Kersi Limathwalla, President of the World Zarathusthi Chamber of Commerce (WZCC) lauded, “Dr. Villoo’s effort and dedication in creating a company that is carrying out commendable work in the area of biotechnology.”

Accepting the award, Dr. Patell said, “Being recognised by the community brings a great sense of achievement. Today, Avesthagen stands for innovation in the country and we hope to inspire India towards this direction.”

Dr Patell also has the following award to her credit:

The Parsi Entrepreneur Par Excellence Award from the Bombay Parsi Panchayat in 2008

The WZCC (www.wzcc.net) was founded in 2000 at Houston, Texas, USA, with the mission to encourage the growth of enterprise and business in the Parsi Zarathushti community. Over the years, Parsi enterprise has been synonymous with integrity, vision and benevolence for the right causes. The WZCC has Chapters all over the world and is an active forum for members of the community who are in business and professions, who come together to promote interaction for accelerating Zarathushti enterprise and entrepreneurship.

AVESTHAGEN LIMITED (www.avesthagen.com) is India’s leading integrated systems biology platform company that focuses on achieving convergence of food, pharma and population genetics leading to predictive preventive and personalized healthcare. It employs 450 people worldwide and is headquartered in Bangalore. Avesthagen Limited has established world class, state-of-the-art laboratory facilities in Bangalore. It began business operations in 2001.Since its inception Avesthagen has grown into one of India’s leading healthcare technology group in India, and its activities include, in addition to its agri-biotechnologies product pipeline, development of clinically validated botanical bioActives, derived from Indian medicinal plants, as well as the development of a pipeline of bio-similar drugs. Avesthagen Limited has four strategic business units: bioPharmaceuticals, bioNutrition, bioAgriculture and Science & Innovation. Its partners include multiple top 10 global companies in each of its fields of research. Avesthagen Limited collaborates at every stage in the value chain with appropriate partners, both public and private, for access to and exchange of technology and overall commercial expertise to leverage the ‘India advantage’.