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Zarina Mehta: An Interview

Founder Member UTV & CEO bindass

11:00 am

Wake up time! I love to sleep as late as possible on a Sunday. My idea of a terrific Sunday is to laze, eat and spend time with my family.

11 am -12.30 pm

Play with my dog Sprite (a gorgeous golden Labrador) and have breakfast with husband Ronnie (Screwvala) … akuri and toast!

12.30 pm – 2.30 pm

Lunch at my ma-in-law’s place – there’s brillaint Parsi food! (Sprite also eats his lunch there!). P.S. Saturday lunch’s with my parents.

3:00 pm

Chill at home, sip tea, read a good book with Sprite at my feet (while Ronnie works!), enjoy the tree outside my window, fill the house up with flowers, eat large quantities of my mothers amazing chocolate cake or strawberry torte! Happiness itself!

5:00 pm

Meet my 2 best friends for tea (sadly not every Sunday but sometimes).

7:00 pm

Go for a movie and have dinner with Ronnie or chill and watch a movie at home. Just watched an amazing movie called ‘The Lives of Others’ – absolutley exquisite. Or watch TV and catch up with the competition.

10:00 pm

I plan my week, I’m actually at my most prolific By sunday nights & I send out atleast 20 emails on sunday night so my team is charged up (hopefully) with all the stuff they need to get done!

12.30 am