Tata Group endows $50 Million to Harvard University

Harvard Business School on Thursday announced it received a $50 million donation from India’s diversified conglomerate Tata Group, the largest gift the school received from an international donor in its 102-year history.

The funds will be used to build a new academic and residential building on the school’s campus in Boston. Harvard said it hopes to break ground for the building, which will be named Tata Hall, next spring.

Ratan Tata, the chairman of Tata Sons Ltd. since 1991, attended the school’s advanced management program–one of three leadership programs offered by the school’s executive education program–in 1975.

Harvard Business School Dean Nitin Nohria touted the “historic gift.” Indian-born Nohria became the school’s 10th dean earlier this year. He has said his focus will be on business ethics, a cause he has long championed, particularly during the financial crisis.

Tata Group, founded in 1868, comprises about 98 companies in businesses such as steel, automobiles, telecommunications, tea and information technology. The conglomerate generates a majority of its annual revenue from outside India.

  • Ervad Hoshang J. Bhadha Ph.D.

    Ratan Tata has achieved a lot and helped the community in many ways. I wish he had that vision of helping our future generations by helping towards religious institutions, financial incentive for those who marry within and have more than two kids; those who wants to pursue education, business; profession. BPP is too much involved with its agenda on long term projects …. I wonder if we live that long to get its benefit. Our community needs help NOW ….. not in future. I understand Tata is half-Parsee; we cannot expect him to protect and preserve our religious institution. However we have quite a few wealthy families who can contribute by having a structured program free from bureaucracy, BPP connection, favoritism, rich-poor discrimination etc to enhance our community development. I guess I should say the same like Martin Luther King “I have a dream ……” The rich has lost their glory unlike our forefathers in serving the community and its needs. Needless to say they have become lesser and lesser community-conscious in the last 60 years. Did you notice any Parsee picture form 1800 or 1920’s? Those were the Wealthy, Noble and Humble group of people who were rich and also very Religious and philanthropists. They followed our traditions, did prayers everyday … infact some of them were even knowledgeable about ceremonial prayers performed by the priests in Atash-Kadeh. Do you see any of these traits, qualities and passion for religion & community in today’s wealthy? This is the main cause of their parting of from the mainstream …. The western culture and modern amenities have always fascinated our community and to achieve those material luxuries most have got strayed in the wilderness of the westren civilization …. which give rise to all kinds of controversies (mix-marriages, conversion, adoption of alien culture or traditions to compensate our religious traditions & practices) meaningless exchange of emails, speeches, & conferences just because some group of people do not believe in our traditions on the strength of their material possessions or adoption of alien culture and living. May be someday, our forefather’s generation will be resurrected to revive our Faith and our people will be seen working for the community development…. I have a dream …… May Shah Varzavand Saheb come sooner before we all become extinct.

  • Rajesh chouhan

    Being a wellwisher,admirer and devotee of TATA.this ordinary person salutes dearest Ratanji Tata and all legends of TATA.