Mumbai Samachar: Asia’s Oldest Newspaper

Bombay’s oldest newspaper is also Asia’s oldest and that is The Bombay Samachar. Owned by a family of Parsis for the last 80 years, this Gujarati paper was started in 1822 and has been published since then. Its offices have remained in the same place as well, in the Fort area which is the city’s old business district, and its building is worth billions of rupees. Readership, however, has dipped to 400,000 as the Parsi population has declined.

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  • phiroz

    Frankly, though I know how to read Gujarati, the printed language of Mumbai Samachar often goes over my head.So it is not a Parsee Paper in the strict sense except that we get to read Announcements for those who have passed away (for free) and of course Weekly dose of Parsi Tari Arsi, which of course is in chaste English.

  • Homiyar Bilimoria

    Mumbai samachar is not just a newspaper for Parsis, It’s read by almost all Gujarati speaking communities. It’s a wholesome newspaper, which has maintained its standard over the years.

    I don’t know if people are aware that Mumbai Samachar is available on net in Gujarati.

  • laxmikant d

    very difficult to get your news paper on line please look in to matter

  • Boman

    I find that recently PTA Column contradicts contents of its earlier opinions.

  • Ashwin

    I want to know how many mumbai samachar reader’s in mumbai .

  • Ashwin

    I want to know how many mumbai samachar reader’s in mumbai .