Diana Marfatia In Conversation: Mazda Multimedia


December 19, 2021

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Ms Diana Marfatia, has touched the lives of several thousand Zoroastrian youth over the past three and a half decades as Coordinator and Mentor of HPY. In addition, her work as Principal of well reputed and sought after schools is well known. (Currently, she is the Principal of Bai Avabai Petit Girls’ High School) She has also spent a lifetime in the service of the community and society at large, as Trustee/ Committee Member of various social organisations namely ZOSTA, Ahura Support, The BJPCI Alumni Association, Zochilday and XYZ.

Host – Mr. Hormuz Ragina
Guest Speaker – Ms. Diana Marfatia
Location – Mazda Studios
Director of Photography – Rehan S. Daruwalla
Directed by – Aarish S. Daruwalla
Produced by – Sarosh K. Daruwalla || Mazda Multimedia.