Iran to depict Shahnameh in miniatures

Renowned Iranian miniaturists are to portray parts of the stories told by the prominent poet Ferdowsi in his magnum opus, Shahnameh.

Some 25 artists will take part in the project including prominent painters Mahmoud Farshchian and Majid Mehregan.

The miniaturists will undertake the project on the sidelines of the International Conference of Painting Shahnameh, which will be held from May 14 to 17, 2008 at Iran’s Academy of Arts.

Shahnameh or ‘The Book of Kings’, recounts Iran’s mythical history from the creation of the world until Islam was established in the country.

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  • rustom

    It will be interesting to see how Zarathustra as the prophet and Ahura Mazda as the true god or creator are depicted.
    Wont be surprised if these two are avoided being depicted or even substitued by Allah…
    It will be truly sad for anything Zoroastrian, Mazdayasni and Persianism if like Islamisation and thus mutilation of the term and culture Persia, the shahnameh is also hijacked by showcaseing it as Islams heritage!!!