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Iranian cyber attack against American movie

Tehran, March 11, Taliya News – Once again U.S propaganda machine raid another attack against Iran, its culture and civilization through a hateful movie:”300″

“300” is the name of an irresponsible, unethical and unscientific movie which portraits Persian Empire kings and soldiers as monsters and animals with body-piercing, armors, facial features and demonic behavior that seem to have sprung out from the dungeons of hell.

The inaccurate and derogatory depiction of ancient Persians that according to all historical data conducted warfare with mastery and dignity, and looked nothing like science-fictional monsters, is a depiction of how movie studios and authors sacrifice historical accuracy for would-be profits.

It is a proven scholarly fact that the Persian Empire in 480 B.C was the most magnificent and civilized empire. Established by the Cyrus the great, the writer of the first human right declaration, Persians ruled over significant portions of Greater Iran, the east modern Afghanistan and beyond into central Asia; in the north and west all of Asia Minor (modern Turkey), the upper Balkans peninsula (Thrace), and most of the Black Sea coastal regions; in the west and southwest the territories of modern Iraq, northern Saudi-Arabia, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, all significant population centers of ancient Egypt and as far west as portions of Libya. Having twenty nations under control, encompassing approximately 7.5 million square kilometers, unquestionably the Achaemenid Empire was territorially the largest empire of classical antiquity.

Based on the Zoroastrian doctrine, it was the strong emphasis on honesty and integrity that gave the ancient Persians credibility to rule the world, even in the eyes of the people belonging to the conquered nations (Herodotus, mid 5th century B.C). Truth for the sake of truth was the universal motto and the very core of the Persian culture that was followed not only by the great kings, but even the ordinary Persians made it a point to adhere to this code of conduct.

Some Iranians have written 2 petitions against that movie and Warner Brothers Studios (Here and here).

In 2005, Oliver stone, famous American director directed “Alexander” movie and insulted Persian Empire the same way.

Iranian Cyber counter-attack, Smart Google Bombing!

It is obvious that signing petition never force Americans to change their irresponsible behaviors. So an Iranian blogger suggests an interesting idea: Let’s bomb the film through Google, in a different and smart way.

In his recent post, He writes down:

300 open today, and like many comic book fans I can’t wait to see it for its stunning art. However, like many Persians I’m not thrilled with its portrayal of the great Persian army as barbaric snarling beasts.

In recent days some have talked about different forms of protest to this movie. A better idea (one which I have already proposed on my Persian weblog) might be doing a collaborative art project: 300 from a Persian perspective. Basically I have called upon all Persian artists to submit art with the theme of “ancient Persia”, so we can gather all of these in one site and show the world (and comic fans) the face of ancient Persians from our own perspective. And to make sure that the world does really see it, I’ve orchestrated a campaign to bring up our gallery page to the top of search results (you can call it another Google bombing). The site is If you are an artist, or just think the idea is cool you can participate by either submitting your art (email it to, or by helping to bring the page to the top of the rankings by linking to that page on your blog or website. Make sure you ONLY use the phrase “300 the movie” to link to it, like this: 300 the movie.

So, let’s shake our body and show the world that Iranians never let anybody in the globe to insult them and falsify the history.

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