Vidal Urges Obama To Meet With Parsi Leaders In Iran

Author, playwright and scholar GORE VIDAL has repeated his plea for PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA to meet with Parsi leaders in a Christmas letter to the U.S. leader.

In the missive, released via movie website, the director reminds Obama he wrote to him about cementing ties with the Persians when the politician was first nominated to run for presidential office, and he now thinks it’s important for the Democratic leader to plan a special trip to the Middle East.

Vidal writes, "I continue to believe it would be good politics in the truest sense for you to meet with the Parsi leaders of what used to be called the Persian Empire; strike a note of solidarity with them, one empire with another.

"Meet them at the Great King’s tomb at Pasargadae, establish a union between the Persian population and the American. I brought up this subject not weeks ago in an interview on satellite television, beamed to millions across present-day Iran, to the seeming delight of the local hosts.

"I can only see good coming from your leading in this fashion: bring together the heirs of the Great King that are still considered great in that part of the world."

  • barialaw

    Type your comment here…that sounds like a fabulous idea.
    also finally good news about the BPP, that they can build 100 new flats in andheri for parsis.
    but BPP and community leaders, PLEASE make a change on the intermarried spouses and their offspring admitted to the faith as full members at the very least, before it is too late, and we become an endangered species past the point of redemption!! arsad baria, vancouver, canada

  • Barak Aga

    Mr. Vidal’s should do a reality check. First in Persia / Iran, the government has erased most history of its Zoroastrian past.

    The tomb of Cyrus would also become the tomb of Obama and any “Parsi” foolhardy enough to embark on such a venture.

    Does Mr. Vidal think the regime is going to do something as outrageous as to endanger its very survival. Score an own goal.

    The Parsi Punchayet trustees and the WAPIZ who lose no opportunity to claim to be defenders of the faith, are yellow livered when it comes to the persecution faced by Zoroastrians in Iran.
    Do the WAPIZ and its storm troopers have the courage to stage one of their vandal acts in Iran?

    Gore Vidal must have had one “Parsi” peg too many, when he made this strange suggestion.