Affidavit opposes Parsi woman’s plea


April 23, 2010

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Two high priests of Parsi community have filed an affidavit before Gujarat high court, stating that there is no tradition where a girl marrying in another community can enjoy Parsi rights. The affidavit has been filed in response to a writ petition filed by a woman from Valsad some time back.

After taking the affidavit on record, a bench headed by chief justice SJ Mukhopadhay adjourned the case till May 11. The two-page affidavit was filed by Valsad Parsi Anjuman Trust in reply to the petition filed by Goolrokh Gupta (nee Contractor). The affidavit states that, according to the tradition and rituals of the Parsi community, a woman loses her Parsi right once she marries a man from another community. "Therefore, Gupta’s petition can’t be entertained,” said the affidavit.

Goolrokh, a resident of Valsad district, had married to a man from another community in Mumbai in 1991. She has prayed in her PIL before the HC that she should be permitted to enter the Agiyari and attend the last rites of her parents. She has made trustees of Valsad Parsi Anjuman Trust as the respondents to her petition.

Persi Kavina and Adil Mirza, appearing for Goolrokh, submitted before the high court that "discriminatory treatment can’t be given to girls of the community as the boys, who marry in different communities, continue to enjoy all privileges."


  1. Siloo Kapadia

    Once again some of our beloved dinosaur priests have proven that they will not be outdone by Al Qaida. Yet more proof that women in our religion count for a little more than play things. I am deeply saddened by this narrow mindedness. But it is up to the enlightened members of the community to reject this type of rubbish thinking and support Goolrokh Gupta in her petition.

  2. Sheraz Bhesania

    Do the comments that people write here go anywhere, or are strictly for discussion of Parsi Khabar. Is there anyway we could put our names on a Petition in favour of Goolrokh’s request to be forwarded to Chief Justice S>J> Mukhopadhay or even to Persi Kavina and Adil Mirza to present it in Court on behalf of all us Parsi women across the world who are fed up with this discrimination over the years, against us and against our daughters.

  3. Hosi.Pardiwala

    Who says all our priests are rigid and do not move and change according to the times? Only recently full 3 days ceremonies of a well to do lady carrying Hindu name(though a Parsi by birth) were performed at a Fire Temple at Gamdevi-Hughes Road. Considering the age factor who could have verified if the deceased (MAY HER SOUL RIP) was married under Hindu Vidhi after seven rounds or under Special Marriage Act. But one admires the flexibility shown by by the concerned Panthaky and wish others treat it as an object lesson and be practical.
    Hats off to this model Priest.

  4. sarosh

    The affidavits should consist of certain sections of the same route what they have taken, clause related to religious provocation can help them a lot, this in term can save the parsis fighting here quite well.

  5. Ratan Elavia

    Sir, you are mistaken. The Uthamna ceremony was printed in the press but was NOT carried out by Pathaky Saheb Ervad Dadachanji in his Vatchha Gandhi Agyari since he was informed of the same.

    You can verify this indpendantly.

  6. Dorab Unwalla

    No Hosi, you seem to be off the mark. It is not going to be a trend setter as you surmise. The performance of ceremonies was influenced by wealth status of the concerned lady.Like other past similar incidents, there will be attempts to cover up and place before the common man another concocted version
    That is the integrity of the priestly class.

  7. Vyara

    Two high priests of Parsi community have filed an affidavit before Gujarat high court.

    Do they have a right to file, or are they suppose to pray.

  8. Vyara

    If a community cannot respect a woman, the community can also not be respected.

  9. Dorab. Unwalla

    Dear Mr. Elavia,
    The fact remains that the mortal remains of the deceased were consigned to the Towers to which no sensible person should have any objection as the deceased was born a Parsi Zoroastrian.
    Was the First day’s Sarosh ceremony held in the evening or not assuming that what you state about afternoon Uthamna to be true. So not only is the Panthaky responsible for whatever ceremonies were carried out but equal responsibility falls on the not so magnificent 7 who brag of their brand of
    neo orthodoxy if a common Parsee is the subject.
    Believe me, I have no objection even if 4 days Prayers have been held for the departed since I find nothing objectionable and from the wordings of Hosi, I think he has actually shown admiration for the proactive approach of the Panthaky.
    Even otherwise, Mr. Elavia, no offence meant, have you been appointed as the spokesperson of this Fire Temple and its Panthaky. The only issue is why no uniformity in this matter is followed as a policy precedent.THAT IS THE CRUX OF MY clear misconception in the mind of Hosi.
    In fact I too would admire this gentleman Panthaky for his bold outlook.
    Till the Trustees of this Fire Temple issue a joint statement along with the Panthaky, whatever you say remains a heresy. Please take NO OFFENCE.

  10. Jamshed Irani

    I look upon this with a wider perspective. We are born. We do not choose our parents. They inculcate values in us based on time tested ‘traditions’. Whenever there is an argument, we say there is just one God. But, over the centuries, many of his proclaimed ‘sons’ have come and given their version of the dictates of God. That is how so many religious concepts have come into being. Because of this conditioning, we describe ourselves as Christians, Parsis, Hindus, Muslims forgetting that we are human beings first. We hold God in highest esteem and rightly so. But we never question the fact that he fails to make up his mind and thus gives contradictory teachings and practices to us. Human beings call him by different names. Whilst the Islamic eats flesh, he avoids pork; we eat every thing! Hindus are told to stay with vegetarianism. Is God of a wavering mind? NO, OF COURSE NOT! It is someone who comes into the limelight and tells his story in a slightly different way and the public at large get impressed and carried away. Thus begins a new sect or religion. This happens in politics also.
    So, whereas the song is the same in any religion (that we should lead good lives with good words, thoughts and deeds), the manner it is communicated takes precedence. It then becomes a victory of the “son of God”. The song he sings is the same; only his singing is different and, in his time, more appreciable. It is the singer, not the song.
    That is how the BPP trustees, most untrustworthy as the are, came to occupy chairs.
    May the children of any practicing Parsi who married a human being from another religious thought be allowed to induct her child into the Zoroastrian religion, with the mutual consent of her human being husband of choice. May the child prosper and grow into a good Parsi and a decent human being.

  11. Byram Sidhwa

    Ratan Elavia,
    A few queries.
    First: you say the Panthaky did not conduct the Uthamna ceremony. Will you specify the reason?
    Second: DURING HER LIFE TIME was the deceased not a devotee of this Fire Temple ?
    If she was not a devotee of this Agiary and never visited it, the question is how the Panthaky accepted the Panthak in the first place?
    Are you suggesting that Panthakies accept assignments without knowing the antecedents .i.e OF STRANGERS?

  12. Adarbahman

    Hi Ratan,
    You ought to be aware that a ‘Panthak’ means years if not decades of relationship of the devotee with the concerned Agiary and the Panthakee. Er. Dadachaji is the Panthakee of this Fire Temple since decades. Do you mean to say that Er.Dadchanji did not know the deceased personally throughout his tenure? STRANGE!!

  13. Rashna

    Elavia’s so called clarification is contradicted by what is stated in yesterday’s Jame page 11, column 3 where CEO of BPP has said that as per the practice the relatives of the deceased inform Panthaky of the Agiary ‘who has to arrange for a Mobed jori’ So Dadachanji a seasoned Panthaky had no problems for the Funeral of the deceased but changed his mind when it came to Uthamna next day, if Elavia is to be believed.Elavia has thus indevertently portrayed the concerned Panthaky to a briefless lawyer who accept briefs from rank strangers.

  14. Ratan Elavia

    Dear Sir,
    My only intention of posting this note is to clear and state the facts as they are. The ceremonies were not held at the above mentioned fire temple. If you still feel otherwise you are free to check up with the authorities. I am no spokesperson for any fire temple but just want the truth to be told as it is. It is very easy to point fingers and speculate when the facts are not in front of you. Please do not depend on heresy.

  15. Meher J. Havewala

    Im quoting from current issue of Parsiana- ‘paidast of one Nandini Durgeshwar Dave, previously called Naju Jasawala was performed at Doongerwadi and her body was consigned to Modi Dakhma. ‘MAY SHE REST IN PEACE’

    Mr. Elavia,you are no Abhishek Manu Singhvi so your clarification puts poor Er.Dadachaji in greater soup. Look what is stated in yesterday’s Jame Janshed. It seems Mehli Colah,of B.P.P.says that the practice is such that it is for the relatives of the deceased to inform Panthaky of the Fire Temple who, in turn has to arrange for 2 Mobeds for reciting Geh Sarna. So Mr. Elavia,if you are to be believed, Er.Dadachanji is so fickle minded a that he had authorised and even made arrangements for the Funeral of the deceased but took a somersault when it came to subsequent rites since those would have ‘defiled’his Fire Temple which he has served with loyalty since decades?
    Are you trying to say that Er.Dadachanji had never even seen this deceased during his entire tenure of decades as a Panthaky?
    Or was the Panthaky told by wife of a sitting BPP Trustee that his Agiary will have to undergo purification ceremonies as she demanded in Arjun Ramphal episode.

    Here I would like to clarify that as a Parsi female, I find nothing objectionable to the prayers and last rituals being held for those Parsi Ladies who have married NonZoroastrians. However I’m totally disgusted at the ‘heads I win & Tails you lose’ stand of these so called ‘Choost Stalwarts’ who have hijacked the religion of Jarthost with their mindless bigotry and male chauvinism and aim to turn the clocks backwards.

  16. Meher J. Havewala

    For the two ladies here- Siloo and Sheraz,

    BPP’s Taliban trustees have passed a resolution saying – ‘the hitherto practice of making available the Towers of Silence for consignment under the dokhmenashini system for the disposal of the dead to the Parsi/Irani ladies who have undergone inter-caste marriage be and hereby discontinued with immediate effect in case such ladies have changed their Parsi/Irani Zoroastrian names’

    Never knew Parsees had a caste system like Hindus.

    Now curiously no Zoroastrian scriptures supports the resolution passed by BPP, so do we conclude that BPP trustees are above GOD and have some invisible divine guidance to run the religion according to their own whims and fancies? or should we declare them as a bunch of Misguided Mysoginist?

  17. Hosi.Pardiwala

    Thanks. Do not understand why the BPP Trustees and the Trustees of the concerned Fire Temple are tight lipped.
    Pertinent issues are raised by Adarbhaman, Meher, Byram Sidhwa and Rashana. There is apparently nothing personal against you but since you have spoken seemingly on behalf the Fire Temple, obviously you have been misconstrued as a duly authorised spokesman.
    If you are a frequent visitor to this Fire Temple and know the concerned Panthaky, it would be advisable to suggest to him to clarify the matter.

  18. Adar Bahman

    By submitting Affidavits the concerned High Priests have become deponents. It is assumed that the contents of any Affidavit are known to be true to the best of the knowledge of the deponent. However the matter of the Affidavit is subject to cross examination of the concerned Deponent.
    It would be an interesting session to watch our worthies outperform Mr. Bean and Inspector Jacques Clouseau of Pink Panther fame during cross examination.

  19. Dorab.Unwalla

    Why have all ‘staunch saviours’ claiming to be responsible for survival of our faith disappeared.?
    Not a single individual able to clarify on the questions of Meher, Hosi, Adarbahman and Rasna ?. Is the issue so complicated? Or are the facts too controversial?
    And what about our aaproo Jame,”OBJECTIVE” as ever

  20. JD

    There is also no there is no tradition where a boy marrying in another community can enjoy Parsi rights either…

  21. Zarathustra Zarthosti

    No matter how many affidavites are filed and no matter how loud BPP/Vada dasturs/any of the so called masiya’s shout. The revolution has began and trust me it is unstopable. Even the taliban felt and so will this parcial people who are opposing the will of zarathustra himself and discriminating between men and women. An advice wake up now or fall to never get up. may Lord Ahura Mazda prevail some sence in them


    If the first name is the criterion then I seek clarification on following probabilities:
    1)Suppose a Parsi female married to a Parsi male has a name like say Karishma, Rukshana, Nergish, Dilnavaz Farzana,Yasmin etc and some body out of animosity complains that she was not a Parsi, what will be the position that Priests will take.?
    Since Sudra Kusti are easily available, how can one dispute and question somebody’s Navjote?
    2) Suppose a Parsi men is married to a Hindu or Muslim female having above said names, what is the remedy available for the Agiary panthaky?

  23. Zerxes Dordi

    I assume that in your example 2 your apprehension is that a non Parsi wife of a Parsi would deceive the priests and claim to be a Parsi because of her name like Karishma, Dilnavaz,, Ferzan Nergish, Rukshan etc etc. Probably that might have already happened. Who knows?

  24. Meher J. Havewala

    The name of the practice is double standards. If daughter of one of the BPP Trustee- Arnavaz Mistree, married to a Muslim, enters the Agiary escorted by Panthaky himself its fine. Of course, a group of persons here, including an Ervad, seem to discuss it and wait for others to take action while bemoaning how the religion is coming to an end.

    If BPP can ban priests who go against the tradition, why can’t the at pull up their Trustee colleague for condoning the same in her own family?
    And if this BPP Trustee is not bigoted, and is independent minded, then why is she supporting the WAPIZ duo in their absurd Fatwas?
    And I understand that one another BPP Trustee is also a Trustee of this Fire Temple and has gone to the extent of saying that he would extend the BAN on Er. Madon & Mirza for that particular Dadar Fire Temple as well.

    In the past, in the same Agiary a sister of yet another sitting BPP Trustee has entered and attended a Religious ceremony after abandoning our faith and marrying a Jew.

    The Orthodox FUNDAMENTALIST brigade only knows how to persecute an average Parsi but when it comes to high brow they only mew or purr in hush hush . Where is Khojestee Mistree and his henchmen, I have heard Khojestee Mistree’s own blood brother is married to a Christian American who is spotted wearing Sudreh-Kusti. And what else can they be called except a bunch of Dhongees.

  25. piloo

    One should realise that ready made Sudras are available. Kashti too is available. If a person sincerely believes in Zoroastrianism or has entered into matrimonial alliance with a Zoroastrian, all that is needed is to learn how to tie the Kushti and recite the required prayers by mugging them. What else is different except that during a Navjote it is more of dining and boozing?
    The letter of Er. Peer in FPJ Ad page made me realize how ignorant our priests are of realities. Goolrukh is basically a Muslim name and no Hindu would like an alliance with a Muslim- well thats the reality.May be in the instant case, the litigant had different purpose in changing her name but a devout priests publicly exposing his lack of knowledge of realities is just amusing.

  26. Rashna_M

    So far no Parsee Punchayat from any city has felicitated the new Meherji Rana. No prizes for guessing the reasons.

  27. Voice of Reason.

    Now I too am inclined to believe that the facts of the Vatcha Gandhi Fire Temple incident are such that concerned individuals want to maintain silence to evade further compromising themselves . This has reinforced the
    oft repeated allegation that Priests following the saying, Money makes the nare go.

  28. Firoze

    A lot is said about Parsi girls marrying outside the community and being outlawed,etc, but Parsi males also face similar hurdles. I am a Parsi male married to a non-parsi female and are on the verge of being evicted from our premises by the Trustees for bringing in a non-Parsi spouse to stay in the premises. My child has already become a Parsi by ungoing the Navjote ceremony when she was 7 but the mother is not allowed to stay because she is a non-Parsi. If mother cannot be allowed to stay even as a member of the Parsi family then why allow her children to become Parsis? I don’t see the logic behind this. If anybody knows of any law or ruling where a non-Parsi wife has a right to live with her Parsi husband and family please let me know ASAP.

  29. boman

    Let me tell you, I am sincerely penning these few lines and are not meant to be taken as a crude joke.
    Firstly, it is for the Landlords to prove that your spouse is a non Parsee.
    My suggestion to you would be to give her a common Parsee name, teach her how to tie a Kusti and make her wear a Sudreh. Additionally, keep some black & white photogrphs of a Navjote of a girl being performed.
    Then let the Trustees establish that her Navjote was NOT performed.
    I repeat do not take this as a crude or sarcastic reply.

  30. Agp

    BOMAN, It seems you must have done the same with your wife?
    Incredible idea, but please use such cowardly ideas with your own dhogi family only.

    Now one can surly understand why are you all also nicknamed as liars!!! But congrats anyways, because your idea is really shamelessly way beyond that too.

    Really amazed…

  31. Pirojshah

    I think there is substance in the advice of Boman. The eviction suit will be in a Small Causes Court and if the claim of the Trustees that the spouse is not a Parsi is challenged by Firoze, then this issue can not be decided by the Small Causes Court which can only entertain eviction matter.The result will be that the issue of spouse’s religion will have to be decided first by another Court before the eviction suit is taken up. So by that time,the child of Firoze will have become a father or probably a grandfather.

  32. Firoze

    Boman, what you are asking me to do would be totally incorrect and would anger the God’s even more since this amounts to cheating. As it is the Heavens may already be angry with me for marrying outside my community and I don’t want to upset them further in the fashion suggested by you. Besides I have already admitted in court that I have married a non-Parsi and have also lost my case. I am now to go into appeal in HC for which I need some case law to help me fight for my constitutional rights,etc. Only a miracle can save me from being evicted and that miracle can only come from above. Anybody listening?

  33. plioo

    Boman & Pirojshah,

    After reading the post dated 26th May from Firoze, I am reminded of a ruse played by a public sector Official in Haryana. As per government orders, the wives of concerned public sector undertakings were not supposed to be engaged as Insurance agents. One Official, posted in Haryana whose wife was an insurance agent was served with a show cause Memo. This chap approached the court saying that since his wife refused to give up her insurance agency, he wanted a divorce to save his job. The wife ‘agreed’. The marriage was dissolved. Armed with divorce decree,this official got his disciplinary proceedings withdrawn. But he continued living with his ‘former’ wife thereafter.

  34. Voice of Reason.

    I believe that the story of Firoze, if true should be welcomed because that would mean additional Eviction Suits, number of which will go into five digits and this will ‘enhance’ the already ‘high’ popularity of the Trustees. Very good, they should go on filing such suits.
    As far as my credibility goes, I feel that this story of Firoze is meant as a publicity material from a source close to Parsee Deoband opposite Metro Adlabs to scare the inter married males and act as a deterrent for young Parsee boys from thinking of marrying outside the fold. If the story is at all true, the so called victim or sufferer should mention the name of
    the Colony, building number and the room number.

  35. boman

    What Piloo has narrated is worth emulating for persons who are ‘repenting’ marrying women from another religion.
    Now Mr.Agp, for your information, I have not married a “parjat’ to use the parlance of your type of persons.
    Secondly, the ‘problem’ put forth by Firoz was felt by me to be a ruse to convey a message against inter religious marriage.
    Boomerang is a word in English language which some ‘Religious oriented Orthodox’ (whatever that means) now ought to learn and not take readers as naive enough to believe their cock and bull stories.
    As for your remark about my ‘cowardly ideas’ I take it that Panthakies of various Fire Temples who employ ‘bhel puri’ Parsees as menial workers, to use your own language,are ‘full of cowardly ideas’ – belong to ‘dhongi families’ and are ‘liars’ .
    I AM NOT using such adjectives against the priestly class but only using your OWN LANGUAGE.
    And lastly does any Parsee have a proof that his or her Navjote was actually performed?

  36. ZINOB.

    Voice of Reason is right. No Eviction Suit comes up for final hearing for at least 15 years. Secondly, he Appeal against eviction Order is to be preferred with the same Court with two judges and not the High Court. High Court can be approached only if the Appeal Court has disposed off the case.
    And it is time Parsis get used to giving up ghetto mentality and learning to reside in their own accommodation instead of being parasites of charity.
    Those who claim to be bold and truthful would do well to apply their minds to ‘conversions’ of industrialists into Zoroastrianism by High Priests before calling other boarders cowardly, liars and dhongees.Such ‘truthful’ persons become a laughing stock of readers.

  37. Agp

    BOMAN, Firstly don’t put words in my mouth, I never intended to say or arouse anyone to say anything against any priestly class. It’s your ill fated standard that you wont even respect our very own source.

    You ask about proof, its not your fault actually, its nature of certain so called modern dhogis to drag our religion to courts, you yourself prove it.

    I perfectly believe in a way with your boomerang philosophy, every article that is published with true honesty without any selfish motives ought to get a good response. The same has been happening and will be.

    You may try and do as much as harm you can, try your level best, you may even publish ads regarding your cowardly ideas, may even write a book for teaching anyone(outsdr) to wear a kasti, priced at 500 a copy, Profitable isn’t it? People as such may try to sell our culture or try to tarnish it for their own cruel intents, BUT believe me bmn, people like me are surly not going let these things go lose.

  38. Rashna _M

    The proponents of what is termed as Orthodoxy do greater harm to their own ’cause’ by churning out fables about getting thrown out of their accommodation for being married to a
    non Parsee because they assume that average Parsee is a dim wit and will fall for their imaginary but ‘sensational’ story. Isn’t it time these bigots realised that those having liberal views are intellectually far smarter and it is these ‘orthodox’ who end up eating a humble pie with all their clumsy ‘efforts’ and end up being branded as dhongies..

  39. boman

    I am not interested in your sermon but if you can , give pointwise reply to my questions:

    1) Are the workers performing menial functions in most fire temples not wearing sudrek & kusti though their parentage is MIXED?
    2)Who then is causing HARM persons like me or Panthakies of Fire Temples?
    3) Does any Parsee possess documentary evidence of his or her Navjote having been performed.?
    4) Can you elaborate on what exactly you mean by respect my own source.
    If you can honestly answer these quesations with your hand on Avesta then do do or otherwise I am not interested in your expressions of exhasperation.
    I have consciously refrained from using any adjectives against you since I do not believe in personal attacks as they are the last refuge of a frustrated bigot.
    Any way, the moral object lesson that persons like Firoze wanted to give fell flat on the face and it is time, as Rashna has said for you and your type to stop discounting intelligence of others.

  40. Dorab Unwalla

    After reading the parable authored by a person named Firoze (post dated 24th ultimo ) and subsequent messages, I am left wondering about the authorship of this parable. The aim of this parable has not been served because at the outset, the concocted story was incredible and it assumed that ALL readers are dumb to believe such a parable. Hoodwinking does not succeed in the long run and if such persons are running short of imaginativeness and ideas, better course would be to stop sermonizing in such a manner.
    Secondly a lone voice named ‘agp’ is calling post of another boarder as a ‘cowardly idea’ and goes on to call the latter a dhongi, liar etc. I am truly amused by this ‘ brave’ and ‘bold’ agp because if he were indeed brave he would not be hiding his identity behind three alphabets but would have disclosed his true full name more so since he proudly boast that ‘ people like me are surly not going let these things go lose’. For benefit of persons like agp, let it be known that placing advertisements drum beating their’ achievements’ is a prerogative of a set of individuals who have third party money to burn every fortnight to see their own ‘impressive’ personalities appear in photographs. Your language, agp, leaves me with a strong suspicion that was the initial post of Firoze was authored by you?
    Nevertheless I expected you agp that as you are a devout Parsee, you would have clarified query in Boman’s reply to you dated 27th ultimo the difference between any person adorning sudreh kusti and the clean up workers in places of Zoroastrian worship putting on the same.But your reply of 28th May leaves me totally disappointed

  41. Agp

    It’s consequently comes down to this, all dhogis modernist are nothing much more then dumb beings, why? How can you expect me to answer these questions that are commonly answered.

    1 Who says so, if so then did you ever complain to the concerned authority? It’s a proof less allegation in your own words.
    2 The last foolish person on earth would ask me this question, you surly know my reply.
    3 You are talking about documents, we have videos here.
    4 Yes I can explain what I mean by that, but I wont, the day you love your religion you will understand yourself.

    Frustrated bigot is the term you just used, if that is the term by which you tolerate true winners then I accept that with pride.


    Dear Mr. Brave and Bold and etc etc whatever you are, I would like to ask you one thing, who on earth told you that a person who introduces himself with his pet name cant be fine? Its your mindset that sets you out to think in that sense, even Gandhi was known as Bapu. Then also if you fail to understand it, then forget it.

    Secondly If I had money I would surely burn some, instead of burning my religion I would use it to burn what you surely know. Right now it’s my fortune to see you jealous even without doing anything, but surely would love to give you the same privileges when your own words do come true.

    If you and your friends are still lost then have a look at the main topic here carefully, look around you what is happening.

  42. Boman Patel.

    You are not so famous to be identifiable by a pet name.Your analogy of comparing yourself with Bapu is so absurd that even a Nursery attending kid will burst out into laughter.
    You talk of Videos as proof. If a child whose Navjote was performed and was Video graphed well such a child would not work as a clean up personnel in a Fire Temple. Secondly, a video is not a proof of parentage. Thirdly Videography was unknown three decades back.
    As to who is a dhongi – a person who sees nothing wrong in conversion of wealthy industrialists but objects to a born Parsee female married to a man of different faith,entering a Fire Temple you only substantiate the oft repeated charge of double standards.According to persons like you our holy fires will get affected if viewed by such Parsee famales but will be unaffected by by presence of menials of mixed parentage shows who is an escapist.
    As for your remark ‘2 The last foolish person on earth would ask me this question, you surly know my reply.” it requires honesty of conscience to reply this question and those who lack this attribute will try to find escape routes by replying as you have.If your intent is that your post on this subject should be the last, you will be mistaken.The more you express will provide further material to expose your double standards.

  43. Dorab.Unwalla

    I do not claim to be brave or bold. On the other hand Agp has uttered the words ‘cowardly ideas’ against another boarder which made me think about the person who does not reveal his own identity and yet calls someone else as a person with cowardly ideas.He further says that I am ‘jealous’ at wasteful publicity on self praise. Jealous is not the right word ashamed is. I am not jealous because I am not surviving on Charity or residing in a Charity accommodation because I do not consider myself ‘eligible’ for such charity. So I am not one of those DEPRIVED. Further, I have neither lost nor gained as I owe NO allegiance to any coterie nor is it necessary for me to be in ‘ good books’ of any Trustees as I have my own source of income from my own toil and a decent roof over my head without courtesy of any Trust. If one goes by the logic of agp, surely he is jealous of persons who take recourse to ‘Court cases’ spending monies from their own pockets because they have a virtue and values inculcated in them viz. that of commitment. Although, I do not subscribe to the theory that litigation is desirable.
    I never knew that by putting on a Gandhi cap one could claim to be Gandhi.If one has conviction of his or her views and if the truth and facts are on his or her side, he or she would not be ashamed to mention his or her full name. It is the fear of legitimate criticism and incapacity to counter facts and situation that makes persons conceal their identity.

    @Boman, it is too much to expect an honest answer to your questions from boarders like agp. Even honest and conservative persons have admitted that Agiaries are left with no alternative but to employ the ‘mixed’ type of persons for cleaning the premises but if a person with vision intact is deliberately deficient in admitting the obvious, then it is a waste of time discussing with such persons bereft of intellectual honesty. Average readers know who the real DHONGIS and hypocrites are. It is this holier than thou attitude of such type of persons is what makes them detestable, disgusting.