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Bangalore Dakhma Dysfunctional

Bangalore’s explosive growth, while triggering a huge demand for living spaces, has caused an acute shortage of land for the dead. The pressure on graveyards is mounting. Here’s a searing look at the problem, made worse by the poorly maintained burial grounds.

In a city where thousands of people struggle for a place to live, it appears even death offers no solution. Graveyards in the City are faced with an acute space crunch, and the rising number of deaths has only aggravated the problem. ……….

……………Even places outside the purview of the BBMP aren’t in great shape either. For instance, some Parsis believe that the tower of silence in Bangalore has become dysfunctional, hence leading to the more convenient options to cremate. One of the members of the small Parsi community in the city believes that the placing of the bodies atop the tower of silence now defeats its own purpose.

“The main point of leaving the bodies atop the tower of silence was to ensure that the carcass will be picked away by vultures in 45 minutes. Now that the vultures themselves are on the verge of extinction, it would be a miracle if the bodies are disposed off in the sun,” said a community member, requesting anonymity.

Entire article published by Deccan Herald