For some Parsis, the wait just got longer

Several Parsi families that were allotted flats by former trustees of the Bombay Parsi Punchayet (BPP) this year have now been put on the waiting list again. On Friday, they were present at the Charity Commissioner’s office to put forward their case in the presence of the commissioner and BPP trustee Rustom Tirandaz. “I was allotted a flat at a complex in Goregaon in September. After the new trustees have been elected, I have been removed from the list,” says Ruzbeh Satarawalla.

Many of the complainants explained how they were genuinely in desperate need of flats and had been waiting for years now. Some elderly citizens at the meet said that they were being sidelined, while young couples, ready to start a family were given priority over them.

According to Tirandaz, in all probability, people who had been allotted flats by the earlier trustees would be reconsidered. “We would want to know some facts about these people and their income before making any decision.”

Kersi Randheria of the Alert Zoroastrian Association believes that the truly deserving will be sidelined again as some of the new trustees were all set to prolong the case.

“Some of the people here are old and sick. Why trouble them like this?” he asks pointing to the families that had gathered. “There are poor widows and single parents who are living in bad conditions. Aren’t they more deserving than middle-class couples who are earning well?” Kersi is representing several Parsi families that belong to low-income groups.

Many felt that young couples are being given priority so that they can have a secure future and in turn procreate, helping the cause of the dwindling Parsi population.
Jehangir Irani was shocked when he was asked to get married in order to get a house.

“These are just excuses. Everyone knows that money is being exchanged and flats will again be sold at discounted rates,” he said.

A visibly disappointed Dara Kerawala didn’t know how many more trips he would have to make to get a house of his own. His application card is tattered, discoloured and dated 1982. Life hasn’t been easy for him as he has been forced to live in his son-in-law’s house. NV Deshmukh, Joint Commissioner of Charity asked the BPP to consider the case of Kerawala and the 100 other families that were allotted homes by the former trustees.

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  • As I had earlier mentioned that the parsees are creating their own downfall has being coming true.
    I am more at pains that the so called Educated class like the parsees are also in the habit of electing Corrupt leaders as the Trustees.
    I would kindly request the Government to take full control of the Parsee Panchyat Trusts & put an end to all the corruptions that has been going on in the trust since long time.
    Regarding the old people who cannot afford to buy flats are the real benificaries of the so called allotments of Flats to the Needies.
    The parsees are also to be blamed why cant the old parents stay with their siblings in one flat as the Hindus do.
    Hindus are the real hardshipers who do not have trusts like we parsees have & the too they live with their parents even after marriages.
    Even i am married to a hindu & even i have told my wife that her parents are most welcome to stay with us in our house.
    Without saying a word my wife had looked after my parents like her own even though my parents are no more in this cruel world but theywere happy that their daughter in law had cared & looked after them.
    I would like to appeal to all the young Parsees that if they put their own souls in buying Flats of their own then there would be no corruption in the panchyat & the needies old couples can get the house that they require very urgently.
    I do hope that the young parsees wake up from the deep slumber 7 try to buy flats on their own so that they will be able to know the cost of the flats that the hindus & other community pays to buy even one room.

  • rustom jamasji

    and we do hope that zoroastrians wake up from their deep slumber,and start having a responsibiltiy of being a zoroastrians and realise that the assets left by our ancestors were for aiding us in continuing Zoroastrian practises ..not fusing them with other religions and even banal philosophies like idol/animal worship..

  • Zubin Madon

    Great point Rustom.
    I don’t see whats wrong if young couples about to get married are given first priority. In fact, lets start by kicking out all those inter-marrieds who are squatting on charity flats (liberalism or hypocrisy?)meant for ethnic Parsis, and give them to deserving Parsi couples instead.
    If neo-zoroastrians like Kersi Randerya are going to be the flag-bearers of liberalism and universalism, let them start by vacating their houses built on charity lands. Its ironic that the very people who illegally alloted over 80 flats to their bum-chums before the elections, are now pointing fingers at the new trustees.