Jal and Pervin Shroff Clear The Air on the Parsi General Hospital Medanta Issue


November 19, 2017

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Recently a lawyer from Mumbai wrote to various government authorities as well as the CEO of Medanta raising false alarms and insinuating issues that do not exist regarding Medanta’s handling of the new medical facility at the Parsi General Hospital. This is despite the fact that everything that Pervin and Jal Shroff (principal donors) write below was already known to the public. 2017 has been a very rough year for the community in Mumbai. However in many a case, such as this one; we are turning out to be our own enemies. Self-righteous, know-it-all community members are getting involved in unwarranted and unnecessary activism, constantly undoing the progress that others try to do. Hopefully sense will prevail, and the dream of Pervin and Jal Shroff will come to fruition soon.….. Parsi Khabar 

Jal Shroff writes…

Dear Yazdi Desai

Thank you for forwarding ​us ​ the message from K.R. Zaiwala (see below) – ​we​ ​ also received the same from many of our friends in Mumbai.

It is NOT our intention to comment or respond to the message from K.R. Zaiwala, sufficient to say that he is entitled to his views and we wish him and his family all the best.
With your permission, Pervin (my wife) and I would like to give you a little background of our involvement in this project.


Over the last forty plus years whenever we visited Mumbai somehow we always had occasion to visit family or friends who were patients at the PGH and we could not help but be aware of what a “blessing ” it was for our community to have this exclusive excellent medical facility. In our small way we ​regularly ​ financially supported the corpus and the free ward of the PGH.

When I had the privilege to be the President ​,​ for nearly twenty years ​,​ of the Zoroastrian Charity Funds of Hong Kong, Canton and Macao, my committee and I, with the full “backing” of the Hong Kong Parsee community, continued ​ to​ financially support the PGH ​, ​ but sadly it became obvious that the long term “viability” of the hospital was at serious risk due to lack of “funds” and “support” from the “affluent” section of our community who in their own interest, rightly, preferred to go to the other Hospitals where they had the latest “diagnostic” equipment ​ and better nursing​ .

We (Pervin & I) ​personally ​,​ ​ ​did ​ consider financing ​,​ the setting up a small unit ​,​ ​on the grounds of the PGH, ​ with the latest “diagnostic” equipment for the exclusive use of our Parsee Community, but ​after ​ consultation with some of our prominent Parsee Drs. ​at the PGH ​ and our ​own ​ investigation it became evident that lack of constant (regular) usage would “deteriorate” the “functionality” of the expensive equipment. ​Sad to say ​,​ that we ​CAN NOT dispute the fact ​, ​ that our numbers are decreasing.

Another solution needed to be “provided ” to ensure the long term viability of the existing EXCLUSIVE PGH ​.​

After nearly three years of exhaustive negotiations with various parties and with the FULL support and encouragement of the BPP (as per BPP letter Ref No. Est B/1111 dated 18th June 2014) we believe we ​now ​ have best solution that will ensure the following :-

a. Safeguard the ​long term EXCLUSIVE NATURE of the existing Parsee General Hospital ​.​ ​
b. Ensure that sufficient finance is available to upgrade the Existing ​PGH, ​improve standards, and increase the intake of poor patients.
c. ​Ensure that NO part of the PGH land belonging to our community is alienated. ​ ​ Actually our ​communities ​ ​​ assets will increase by ​ approximately INR ​ 150 crores. (The amount the donors have pledged to construct the New Hospital Building and pay for sundry associate charges)
d. The New Hospital Building ​OWNERSHIP REMAINS 100% in the hands of our community.
e. Medanta will equip the Hospital Building with the latest state of the art medical equipment entirely at their expense. Medanta possess the requisite knowledge, operating experience,expertise, skill and technical knowhow to equip, manage and operate the New Hospital.
f. Medanta will pay a substantial Annuity (annual payment) to the existing PGH.
​g​ . In addition to the Annuity Medanta will also pay a percentage of their annual gross Billable Revenue to existing PGH
​h​ . Medanta will assist PGH free of cost in training nursing staff and medical personnel attached to the existing PGH.
​i​. Medanta will give preference to poor indigent and weaker section ​ of our community, ​ referred to by the existing PGH.

​There are many other beneficial terms for our community and for the existing EXCLUSIVE PGH.

I believe that you Yazdi Desai and your esteemed committee members of the BPP do NOT endorse the views of Mr. Zaiwala and we the donors wish to put on record our sincere thanks ​once again ​ for having your blessings in ​our ​ going ahead and completing the project for the benefit of our Parsee Community.

Finally Pervin & my aim in making this “pledge” to construct the New Hospital Building is only to benefit the less fortunate and indigent member of our Zoroastrian ​​ Parsee Community, we do not seek or ask for any “recognition” or “glory’. We leave the matter in your capable hands.

​Our pledge of US$ 22.5 Million is absolutely restricted to this project i.e. to build the New Hospital and we are NOT interested in any other alternative project or counter proposal.​
Finally Mr. Desai may I request you to give my response (this email to you) as wide a circulation as possible within your committee members, members of the Parsee community, Parsee press and Government officials that I understand were contacted by Mr. K. R. ZAIWALA.

God willing the project will have your and the communities support ; ​ if NOT we tried our best, and can only apologise that we failed.

Pervin & Jal