December 1, 2018

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Our dear friend and mentor Dr. Shernaz Cama write in the Jame Jamshed newspaper

46997553_2580949031915315_1233255955890700288_nThe Jiyo Parsi Scheme was set up to arrest the decline in our community’s population. However, over time, it has been realised that there’s no one direct method to solve our problem.

In recent years, changes and additions have been made to the Scheme to best suit the community’s needs. Jiyo Parsi is not just an infertility treatment programme but a project that addresses the multiple socio-cultural concerns of the Parsi community in order to arrest population decline.

The Jiyo Parsi Scheme acknowledges changes in our modern, progressive society. In an attempt to make family life easier and more harmonious, it has introduced three new components in the scheme:

  1. Support towards care of elderly dependants
  2. Creche/childcare support
  3. Honorarium for senior citizens who help young couples

Like a developed nation, our community has an ageing demographic profile with a significant number of senior citizens. There is an extremely high dependency ratio seen in our community. While family structures, lifestyles and habits undergo change, what remains common across generations is the essence of a family and the love and values shared amongst a family and a community.

There are many young couples who are using their time and resources to not only look after their parents but also, in some cases, extended family members, hence making invaluable contributions towards the overall health of the community.

This is a responsible trend seen in the community and must be encouraged. Studies have shown that home care for the elderly can greatly reduce chances of dementia and other diseases that ail the aged.

However, it is also important that such responsibility must not become a deterrent to having children. Very often, young couples are faced with the quandary of having to choose between looking after their elders and having their own children.

In recognition of the contribution of young couples towards care of their elderly dependants, and to assist them in their emotional and financial responsibility, the Ministry of Minority Affairs will pay Rs. 4000 to couples per month per elderly dependant, in cases where this support will help add children in the family.

The assistance will be provided to couples in their child bearing years who have elderly family members residing with them. This, we hope, will significantly increase the birth figures in the community while this Scheme is active.

Please see the form in the Jam-e-Jamshed (dated November 25) and send it to the address supplied.

You can also apply online: www.jiyoparsi.org.