Parsi Dead: A Video of the Towers of Silence Controversey

The video below is the segment that appeared on the Indian cable news channel CNN-IBN. The video has some disturbing imagery and therefore caution is needed when viewing the video.

The controversey however rages on and something needs to be done to bring this to a closure.

The video may take a little time to start, so be patient.

Some readers have reported that they cannot see the video. If that is the case please click here to go directly to the file.

  • Dr Sorab Sadri

    I am surprised at the myopia that pervades the clergy in this miniscule community. Let us understand that disposal of the dead is environmentally conditioned. In Israel the dead were burried standing for want fo space. In Arabia they were burried as sandy land was plentiful. In Iran there were rocky mountains and disposal of the dead at the mountain top was logical. In the southern regions of Asia wood was available so human beings took up burning the dead. Religion as usual was used to explain reality ex post facto and give it a spiritual tinge so that people think it is the truth. That all truth is relative seems to have escaped their thoughts!

    Instead of letting the vultures eat you why not donate your body or parts thereof? A good idea would be to donate the to the Parsi General Hospital ( a dying institution anyway) or the nearest medical college so that childen can learn and not be seeped in meaningless and oft irrational beliefs.
    I am sure the Great mmensity above would consider it a beter thing to do!