Parsis, Jews are the only minorities, says RSS chief


October 1, 2005

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Indian Express – New Delhi,India

RSS chief KS Sudershan on Wednesday declared that Parsis and Jews were the only two minorities in the country, as only their ancestors had …


  1. Jacob Joseph

    Syrian Christain too, atleast some of them. I think everbody is a minority oneway or the other.

  2. Yazdy Palia

    The smallest minority is the individual. There is no entity like society. Society is only a group of individuals. If a government is not able to protect individual rights, it can not be called a moral government.

  3. rustom jamasji

    No Man is an Island…and it is the collective initative by a community that ensures its survival and its legality/importance in a larger society.

    The Jews are one such example, the Zoroastraians are the other. If everyone thought of himself as only an individual/island then today the suvival of Jews after them not accepting the new religion nor the mesiah for some as their saviour wud have left them surviving as someone else.Them rising sucessfully after ww2 or in them having their own state of Israel today which wuld otherwise cease to exist due to their smaller population in the area( remembering Arafats talk of wiping out israel by population expansion of the arabs) and larger opinion due to demgoaphy of the world that wud like to see them cease to exist points out in a colective responsibility

    The Zoroastrians also survived due to collective workings and networking…Hataria’s paying off tax’s for poor zoroastrians in Iran is a brilliant example…the zoroastrians in Iran afer onslaught of centuries of ethinic cleansing survived…the last zoroastrian of a vilage in Iran in the 60’s after continous pressures and then the rape of his daughter showcases that it is in isolation that actually wud leave an individual without a sense of belonging and thus giving up

    Survival of ladhaki/andaman/brazilian etc etc tribes are also proofs of such.
    Govts like that of Japan and other countries protecting themselves from onslaught of demographic change also points out in direction of the same…

    @Jacob…whilst syrin chrisians may be fewer than other sects in christianity, they are in fact a part of the worlds most represented religion.The armenian christian sect may even perhaps be as low or less than the syrian sect…yet it wud not be fair to take sects that belong to a world majority as minority otherwise then with caste system in other faiths that distiguish themselves from the main branch wud also have to be adapted in minority..which in fact then brings us back to where we actual representaions of the real monirity and like wise now….the second largest majority of India representing itself as a minority

  4. farzana

    ‘minority label’ is in the mind…I dont consider myself a minority…

    If RSS chief calls Parsis ‘minority’ because he thinks they had foreign ancestors he should go back to some serious Veda reading…It may come as a shocker to him but RSS chief and Parsis share the same ancestry … for that matter, nearly all Indians share the same roots with Parsis, namely Aryan.
    One of the prominent Aryan tribes that settled in Saptha Sindhva was ‘Parsu’ Vedic name for the ancestors of Parsis.
    Number of places in Vedas and Mahabharat talks about Parsus. Kautiliya’s Arthashastra refers to Parsis as PARASIKAS -as one set of constituency that supported Chandra Gupta’s coup…”asti tava Shaka-Yavana-Kirata-Kamboja-PARASIKA-Bahlika parbhutibhih: Chankyamatipragrahittaishcha Chandergupta Parvateshvara: balairudidhibhiriva …”

    Even pre islamic conquest of Persia, Parsi traders were known to live and trade from the western parts of india esp Sindh… So its not as if all Parsis air drop in the subcontinient in 8th century…except for few boats carrying parsi families made their way to shores of Gujarat from Iran… but for many of our ancestors India was not foreign…