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Piroze Khan: Delegate on Parsi Matrimonial Court Suggests Change


By Piroz Khan | Mumbai Samachar

I am very glad and would like to thank you for giving your article in Mumbai Samachar of the 17th June, 2012, under the heading of ?PARSI TARI ARSI?.

I would like to inform you about my observations as a Delegate during the court cases:

1) I can suggest that same type Court cases can be started if the Chairman Mr. Dinsha Mehta agree to open the depaetment under the name of Parsee Panchayet Matrimonial Court. Before the couple go to the Advocate and registered the case, they can very well approach the Parsi Panchayet if the matter can be settled without going to the Court. At the Court I have observed that the public in the Hall hear the discussion about the Parsi couple, and that creates bad immpression.

2) Even before getting married, if the couple come forward to the Court of Parsee Panchayet, and discuss lot of matters, which can be settled easily.

3) On the better stage, if any boy or a girl show the willingness to get married can give the byodeta, and suitable matching can be suggeste and that will be still better to avoid Divorce in time to come.

4) In some of the case stupid argument from the boy side his wife dont know to prepare tea and food, why they dont discuss certain things before getting married. As they are making haste, as it syas that Love is blind, and they don?t want to wait for such discussions.

5) In one of the case, boy as kept C.I.D. it is not official, but some group of persons handle this matter by giving information of the girl or a boy. This gentleman gets the information that his wife has a friend (Sindhi) ad after office hours she goes on his Motor Cycle (number of Motor Cycle also given) and go to the Coffe Club at colaba and go late home. When asked she says that due to lot of work she came late.

6) My suggestion is that the Judge should give some time to jury to discuss with the couple and try to convince both to the maximum level to avoid divorce. Finally the jury should put forward to the Judge for his judgement.

7) For my Life & General Insurance and Investment. I have visited many places, and observed that Boys and girls for the age of 30 to 55 yrs are not married. They are willing to get married but shortage of place, Salary where girls Income is much more than boys, but they fail to understand that after getting married they should total of both the salaries and stay happily with children. Many of the cases girls will not be working for long and at that time boy slary will be more. I have to explain them that in your old age nobody will come to help you, only your partner as nobody has got time to come to your help. Parents are not going to stay so long. In this type of cases we can call them and explain certain things to put in both the minds and try to see that they should get married and not to waist pressis life to ruin.

If my suggesstions is suitable to the Chairman Mr. Dinshaw Mehta, I am ready to help in organaing the department and see that it should result to avoid Divorce and bechelors should get married.

Younger generation should try to dress properly and not in a half nacked way, that will bring downfall of our community. I have got lot of things to explain if time permits and by the God Grace.

Yours Sincerely