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March 9, 2010

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Pranab Babu’s pioneering budgetary allocation for threatened communities wasn’t met with the raising of a Parsi peg or gongs resounding from Mumbai’s fire temples. A community that controls enough trust funds to keep the country out of fuel price hikes doesn’t need the FM’s Rs 1 crore.

By Times News Service

A proud community that famously turned its back on reserved representation at the founding of the Republic can’t be expected to take kindly to being shoved into a metaphoric tribal ‘reservation’. A people being driven to extinction from too much of its own civilization can’t be equated with some Onge aboriginal. The very suggestion is enough to fray the Belgian lace doily, untune the Steinway, and stop Daisy and Dinsu in mid-dance.

But, seriously, the Parsi dilemma no longer sounds like one of our corny comedies. A section of the community might be in denial, but the precipitous decline of 10% in every census is catastrophic. More so when the current base of absolute numbers is just over 60,000 in India.

We are in a Catch-22 situation. Keep our fiercely protected racial purity, and we lose the numbers essential to viability. Pump up the numbers with conversion or intermarriage, and we must dump our distinctive identity. The increasing diaspora is perforce coming to terms with one verity: the Parsis as a race may have to be sacrificed on altered reality, but their religion, Zoroastrianism, will undoubtedly survive.

Because mixed marriages are almost inevitable there, many individuals or even groupings abroad have jettisoned the ‘Parsi’ label, and simply refer to themselves as free-floating ‘Zoroastrians’. Again to circumvent fissiparous controversy, they have chosen not to establish a single sanctified fire temple. They make do with prayer halls housing an electronic flame where everyone is free to worship instead of getting consumed by the impossible task of segregating the ‘pure’ from those in differing strengths of dilution. In Iran where Zoroastrianism began, fire temples have traditionally been open to all. But those in its 1,000-year-old Indian base, remain zealously exclusive, a practice understandable in a ‘minuscularity’ which had fled religious persecution and remained vulnerable for centuries even in India.

The epic tragedy of India’s Parsis is that, a millennium later, we find ourselves in the same paranoia trap — despite our immense communal wealth and an even greater fund of secular good earned by our contribution to the country’s intellectual, economic, social and cultural reserves. We have not been able to arrest either our dwindling demography or our cultural isolation. Unlike our founding fathers, this time round, we have largely ourselves to blame.

Paranoia is notoriously cannibalistic. It has fed on its own fears and emaciated an exemplary people. The locks it has put on its membership and its places of worship are but symptoms of a deeper malaise — the shutting down of a once-inspiring mind. Indeed, if Parsis are so dangerously on the brink, not just in numbers but on all indices of viability, it is because we have become the exact opposite of everything that once made them iconic.

Physically and mentally, we were once globally adventurous; today we have barricaded ourselves in our colonies where the ghettos of the mind so easily flourish and fester. Our sense of humour was legendary, and a major factor of our lovability quotient; today our grim inability to laugh at ourselves is as much the cause as the effect of a loss of self-confidence.

Worst of all, the community’s crimes against its women have brought the vultures home to roost. Educated, empowered, equal in letter and spirit, our women were our most distinctive strength. Today they are painted as Villain No 1 — for marrying outside the community and therefore precipitating the decline. The orthodoxy — and too often their own parents — treat them as outcasts, their kids as bastards. The obvious and immediate solution to the depleting numbers would be to welcome their progeny into the fold in the same way that children of intermarried men routinely are. But to suggest this is both heresy and high treason.

It could end up as being counter-productive as well. The absurd response to this rational suggestion has been: “You want us to be evenhanded? Fine. We will ostracize the children of the men as well.” Women’s Day tomorrow is slated to mark a historic milestone for Indian women. The millstone for their Parsi contingent will remain unchanged.

It may sound simplistic or forcibly feminist to think that this one simple change will halt the Parsis’ hurtle down the precipice. But, truly, intermarriage has become an obsessive compulsive disorder, blinding out the real problems. Youth congresses and camps have become covert matrimonial markets instead of addressing the big issues of career counselling and venture capital. The World Zarathushti Chamber of Commerce is a notable exception. Marriage has turned into a weapon of emotional blackmail, forcing women into hydra-headed frustrations and depleting this rich gender resource. And no one wants to talk about the physical and mental health problems attendant on inbreeding.

The coveted community housing too has been subpoenaed for the same agenda. And, in turn, every progressive move becomes a sinister instrument of subversion: portrayed as land grab or fund grab, and deepening the paranoia.

The inquiring mind is what took the Parsis to their pinnacle. Today, to question is branded an act of blasphemy and sedition. But the sparks of hope could come from outside the swaggering power base. In Delhi, Kolkata, Hyderabad, smaller Parsi-Zoroastrian communities are quietly making adjustments to changed realities, with no loss of identity, only greater unity and happiness. Maybe they need to secede even further, and show the Bombay Brahmins what’s possible and desirable. Opening windows is the best known cure for the claustrophobia of closed minds.

Parsi: An ethnic label given in British colonial times to the descendants of the original refugees who arrived from Persia circa 1000 AD. They were given refuge by Jadi Rana of Sanjan in Gujarat. However, the seductive and self-fulfilling sugar-in-milk story could be apocryphal since it finds no mention in the definitive record of that historic event, the Kissah-e-Sanjan

Zoroastrianism: Almost exclusively the Parsis’ religious identity. They fled their Persian homeland to safeguard it from a rising Islam. Preached by Zarathushtra some 4,000 years ago, it is perhaps the world’s first monotheistic religion; it believes in the dual existence of good and evil, and leaves the choice to its followers, hoping that its triple tenets of Good Thoughts, Good Words and Good Deeds will influence their decision


  1. ANTI - Dhongidox.

    The manner in which some proved Dohongees post their messages on the blog, claiming themselves to be authorities on the subject and ridiculing those who believe only in what is capable of being seen, gives a feeling that the Community needs to be saved from fake Messiahs and munnabhai scholars with dubious past than from forces of nature which is causing decline in birth rates.Such pretentious ‘Orthodox’ have scant regard for Good Thoughts, Words and Deeds. Their aim is to propagate their Religious views based on superstitions against which the Zoroaster fought.
    These AHRIMANIC individuals want all to follow their hollow thinking or else brand those who question them as atheist.
    Please take what I am putting down as those that come from an agonized soul. I do not mince words and what I have to say I will-I call a spade a spade-now it is too late for me to learn the tricks of those being called a ‘Religious or Orthodox.
    Such characterless minds talk about Batein and Jaher, engage in exchange of such notions on this posts to create an impression that they have ‘vast’ following of persons who ‘share’ their ‘knowledge’ But where does one find reference to just poppycock. More so when these fake scholars themselves condemn books,websites and lectures as not reliable. As such are not such utterances manifestations of a mind which such ‘advanced souls’ contend is daruj.
    But when it suits them, these ‘holy souls’ expect others to read rely and blindly accept what is stated in such books like Tenets of Zoroastrianism.
    AND BY THE WAY IF ERWARDS AND PRIESTS WHO CHANT PRAYERS DO HAVE A DRUJ MIND as claimed’ how did they memorize prayers to become Navars and Martabs. And would not their chanting prayers on behalf of laity be useless since the same are recited by a druj mind. Just ponder at the hollowness of these fake scholars..
    And one established block head proclaims ‘ No point wasting your precious time and effort on these idiots. Refer to my earlier definition of an “idiot”. I will handle these idiotic deformists my way. Let other bloggers know what substance they are made up of.’ -when his ‘mentors’ whom he wishes to relieve have voluntarily confirmed that there is no coordination between their ‘daruj’ mind and what they blog.
    And when this individual claims .’ Curiosity compelled me to find out a few details of the complexity of what I practice, in which case I took up reading books, attending lectures, visiting websites and discussing with people whom I felt were more spiritually advanced and knowledgable than me.” This statement is dated 2nd Feb 2010 and scarcely a month thereafter comes another contradiction that faith cannot be mastered by ONLY reading books, websites or lectures.
    These then are ‘proofs’ of vastness of their horizons of religious knowledge.)!).


    Barely a month back a Scholar who brags about conversing with Harvard professor uttered the following lines.
    ‘And lastly tear jerking…when academically proven completely wrong…
    ‘Dhongi…Like one dosnt become a Ghandhi by wearing a Ghandhi topi, ARZ and AZA can try and fool others and jump bandwagon and advertising strategies but their core of anti dakhma, and thrusting its demand to change on Zoroastrianism and zoroastrians is quite evident….
    As evident as ure thirst to make others wear horse blinds on others with such false campaigns..

    Just like you being a Dhongi but having a suffix contrary to it, trying to once again fool others….after all ure groups have to be the mouth piece taking over from Jame that has come back to its roots!!!”
    Recent messages from spokesperson of this ‘coterie’ amply indicate who is wearing horse blinds and who assumes that the community members are wearing horse blinds.
    By wearing a Gandhi cap one certainly does not become a true Gandhian. So similarly a devil quoting scriptures does not become a God.or a representative of God.
    And it is admitted by one who claims to be a Scholar that Jame was ‘taken over.” Read his sentence. Yes Jame has ceased to be a Newspaper. Its ‘neutrality and unbiased and objective reporting’ is evident from the word ‘Victory’ for BPP or some similar sounding sentence shows the true colours of its loyalties.

  3. Sheraz Bhesania

    A very well written article. Unfortunately, the author hasn’t put his name , but I totally agree with all that he writes. Today if more of our supposedly Orthodox, Relgious & Oxford educated Parsis thought in the same tune and went along with CHANGE which always makes the world go ahead, our community would be in a much better position than it is today. We are so lucky to have left India in 1967 and follow our religion to the fullest, adapting to our new way of life and the changes we had to make, that a Diva still burns in our homes 24 hrs. and we are still able to say our prayers every day with full faith in Ahuramazda and all that he has done for us. if you all want your religion and family to survive in Mumbai, wake up and smell the coffee and learn a few things from all of us who have made a home for ourselves in the West.

  4. shehzad irani


    i don’t see anything relevant with your post and that of the article above. Why can you not shift your agenda else-where – perhaps to the famous / infamous yahoo groups? there are a lot of people who shall answer / debate / participate / cajole / criticize / appreciate / approve / disapprove / discuss / …. or whatever with you..

    Frankly – this is a website for posting khabbar, and for responding to that khabbar… not a blog of your own vendetta..

    (i am sure you are going to get back to me with another long banter.. but frankly – i will not reply – lest i get involved in the very thing i am criticizing…)

  5. Farzana

    anti dhongee, so very true and so well said!! *bow bow bow*

  6. Farzana

    Sheraz Bhesania, i think the author of this piece is columnist Bachi Karkaria. And yes, i agree with you, its a well balance piece.

  7. a.rustomjee

    Yes Ferzana,
    I agree with you but even Sheraz Bhesania and NEMESIS need to be complimented for their pertinent posts.
    Perhaps, contents of posts of Sheraz, Nemesis and Anti – Dhongi are Latin & Greek for some are shall I say too uncomfortable for a pre set mind.

  8. Siloo Kapadia

    Sheraz Bhesania, I agree with you 100%. You said it all. I will repeat what I have been saying for a while now, that is, CHANGE OR DIE!. Thank you for your ideas.

    The Parsee community in Hong Kong, Singapore, and North America is alive and thriving. The community in India is on the verge of extinction. Why is that? Only because the former are open to change and adaptation, while the latter are dinosaurs. (Of course not all but those that resist change.)

    Again, the sad situation in India is VOLUNTARY. We need not die out, just some old outdated ideas need to.

  9. ANTI - Dhongidox

    Is there a need for a ‘long banter’ from me? (That is exclusively reserved for fake Scholars).
    As for you,posts of Nemesis, Ferzana and Sheraz Bhesania are adequate to counter your views.

  10. Farzana

    Anti-dhongi, some close minded individuals are still trying to come to terms with the fact that they are no longer living in dark ages when every word from fekku religious scholars was taken as a gospel in the community.

  11. Piloo.

    While watching T.V Programme on News Channels, I heard some Swamies openly demanding stern penalties for those bogus Godmen who have been recently caught leading a shameful life.
    Religion is used as a tool to silence opposition to rational thought process. These persons who deceive others by posing as if they are in communication with God are the worst enemies of menkind and any Religion.
    In our community there are many fictitious and bogus netas and preachers endowed with gift of the gab. Some have claimed themseves to be highly qualified. One wonders why they lose out on lucrative practice in their field of professional qualification unless their avocation of Religion as a business is still more profitable. Or is their qualification itself ‘paper’ qualification.


    The article contains many incorrect statements like the Definition of Parsi. We parsis came from Pars a province in Iran and hence are known as Parsis. If the Author of the Article wanted to increase the numbers why did she not get married and procure. She writes in Times of India which has its correspondents who are totally Anti Parsi Zoroastrian. Never an Article in Times of India is written FOR THE PARSI ZOROASTRIAN COMMUNITY. THE OWNERS OF TIMES OF INDIA ARE JAINS WHY ARE THEY NOT CRITICISING THEIR COMMUNITY

  13. NEMESIS.

    Is B.P.P. facing financial difficulties under the present dispensation that its Announcement Advertisement “”SEEKING A LIFE PARTER” UNDER THE SIGNATURE OF ITS C.E.O. APPEARS AS A PART RASNA ADVERTISEMENT PAGE IN FREE PRESS JOURNAL DATED 12/03/2010?

    THE TRUSTEES OWE AN ANSWER TO THE COMMUNITY IF B.P.P. has become a Subsidiary or a product of Rasna Group. Though “In Good Humor” there is an admission about who brought about DARKNESS in Life (Andhera Jeevan Me Layoo Re). An admission from Preservers and Protectors of DARKNESS.

  14. Farzana

    Nemesis==>Though “In Good Humor” there is an admission about who brought about DARKNESS in Life (Andhera Jeevan Me Layoo Re). An admission from Preservers and Protectors of DARKNESS.

    Good observation…

    Aspi Cooper, fyi, Bachi Karkaria is a mother of two.

    And ‘Parsi’ was used by the ancient Persians to refer to themselves based on their language- Parsi.

    So the reference of Parsis as ethnic Persians living in India, is correctly used in the article.

  15. Rohinton

    Dear Nemesis,

    You say you are not a Parsi/Zoroastrian !!!!

    While I commend your interest in OUR community matters,
    I would appreciate it if you got more involved in your own community !

    Thank-you very much !


    Dear Rohinton,
    In an era of global village, I can not persuade myself to restrict
    my interests and knowledge as suggested by you and what makes you assume that I do not take interests in other varied matters of other communities?
    Firstly,can you tell me whether Parsi Khabar is portal exclusive only for Parsi Zoroastrians to contribute?
    Secondly, Rohinton, besides me several other contributors on this portal bear names of other communities. I do not recollect you or those who think alike you having asked other non Parsi bloggers not to contribute.
    I take it that you may have found my comments pretty uncomfortable.
    Just give a thought, Do we necessarily opt to take treatment from a Doctor belonging to our own Religious denomination or do we not go for a Medical practitioner or a Lawyer who is more professionals ignoring his religious background?
    I do apologize for your discomfort and taking your suggestion in right spirit will get involved more in affairs of my community but would not like to restrict myself to just that.

  17. a.rustomjee

    At a time when our Community numbers are dwindling, some overzealous elements only know how to offend well meaning members of sister communities.
    The Parsi Community is thankful for the research on our Religion done by Foreigners likes of Prof Mary Boyce, John R. Hinnels, James Boyd and several other non Zoros.
    Did the Community and High Scholar Parsi Priests who jointly undertook Research with such non Zoros even think of suggesting to these non Zoroastrian Scholars to confine themselves only of their own Religion.?
    Going by rational of ROHINTON., works of research of non Parsee Zoros would have to be consigned to Trash cans because they are works of non Zoros.
    Currently there is an article on Parsi Khabar itself titled “Steel Frame of Standards: Jamshedji N Tata”’by Suhel Seth. Do we suggest to this fine gentleman not to write about our Community?
    When our Community is misrepresented in Bollywood films as crackpots, surprisingly no one particularly those claiming to be Akaabars have chosen to remain silent.
    I often wonder, why some persons can not cogitate their thoughts before publishing them and then encountering avoidable embarrassment for themselves.

  18. Rohinton

    Dear Nemesis and A.Rustomjee,

    ” Taking an interest” and constantly ” attacking a community’s affairs ” are two different matters . Try taking a similar global ” interest ” by attacking a more aggressive community’s business and you will find out what I mean !!!!


    The Scholars you refer to did not ask us to change our Religion nor did they tell the BPP what to do . They researched , translated and put forth their findings in a polite and civilised manner.

    I am not talking with distaste about the works and translations of rational , unbiased , scholars but relentless Parsi-bashing !!

    Most of the Indians I know find the Parsees very amiable – despite the fact that they do not convert or accept a half and half quota of multiple religions as Zoroastrianism !

    I am also very shocked at the vile hatred displayed on this blog by some at a community that has lived amicably, respectfully, charitably, and peacefully and whose only wish is to keep doing so !

    P.S.- As for Bollywood movies… are you seriously asking people to take a Bollywood movie seriously and to get upset by the ” fantasy ” shown in it ? It’s entertainment of a comical kind !!!!!

  19. Farzana

    Rohinton==>The Scholars you refer to did not ask us to change our Religion.

    So, Rohinton, can you elaborate who is asking you to change your religion? and what did you mean by change?

  20. a.rustomjee.

    What you consider as Parsi bashing in reality is exposing hypocrisy and double standards practiced by fake orthodox.
    If it is Religion bashing, I am with you. I too am not in favour of conversion but that does not mean I should accept all that ‘fekologists orthodox’ want intellectuals to accept in the name of Religion. I distinguish between the Religion and Customs and Traditions. Religion alone is unalterable not customs and traditions.
    And for that matter no individual can claim to be more purer and loyal a Zoro then another.That has to be decided by the Lord himself.

  21. a.rustomjee

    And I forgot to add. I am really offended when Parsis are portrayed as dimwits and clumsy by Bollywood Film producers. To use the same language, let such film producers mock at members of other faiths and see the consequences. By calling it a fantasy, one is showing helplessness. Nothing else. On the other hand,on this blog criticism if any is restricted to a few and not ridicule on a pan India basis.

  22. Farzana

    Frankly, Parsis should stop giving too much of importance to themselves. They aren’t ubermensch nor is their religion any better than other brainwashed belief systems. Come to terms with reality. Now considering there are more benefits offered by Xtian and Muslim missionaries to lure converts and more privileges attached for staying a low caste dalit… I doubt if conversion to Zoroastrianism would attract large numbers in india from ppl other than few children from mix marriages. Why make such a big fuss about it ?!!!

    If conversion to Zoroastrianism is stopped, its the lost for Zoroastrianism. Other religions are just too eager to get numbers. Even ISCON, VHP, Buddhist samaj and Sikism are in the race apart from the two most proselytizing religions- Islam and Xtianity. They aren’t fools to go all out wooing converts. VHP is known to use force to convert tribal of north East and Gujarat to Hinduism… And Arya samaj is actively promoting casteless Hinduism to attract Europeans. Remember Hinduism and Zoroastrianism started together 3,000 years ago and today Hindus are third largest religious grouping in the world with 80 million followers. They have a say in the government and command a vote bank not just in India but in US and UK too. M.F. Husain was forced to take an exile from India for hurting their sensitivities… While look at the state Parsis are in, today. Mullahs in Iran want to pull down Ka’baa of Zarathust to make a way for railway tracts… and very soon they will be successful in doing so because no one in the world gives a rat ass for the sensitivity of a dying community, nor the Bawa biallaas who are taking pride for beating up a 67 years old lady at Sanjan and vandalising a place on pages of WaPIZ, have guts to utter a word against the Mullah’s decision, leave along taking the matter to International forum. All they do is bask in past glory and pride themselves as a dying community with racial purity. Racial purity my foot. 99% of bawas living in India don’t even remotely resemble any iranian. I dunno where they got the idea they are racially pure?!!!

    Human civilization is 60,000 years old… how can any racial group claim to be racially pure is beyond any logic…But bawas think they are pure… because they are ignorant of their own history… and of their own ancestors. Fyi, Alexander had ordered his troops to rape as many persian women as possible because he was fed up of hearing persians are born superior to others…Racial purity!! oh yea!!

    Now if the idea is to protect Parsi trust and charity… well, after Parsism winds up in fifty years from now, the question of Parsi trust won’t matter. right?

    Btw, coming to think of it, Parsi jihadis are not too different from Muzzie jehadis… both willingly choose sucide mission thinking its their religious duty to blow themselves up!! Kudos!!

  23. Farzana

    Correction- Bawa biallaas who are taking pride for beating up a 67 years old lady at Sanjan and vandalising a place, on pages of WaPIZ, have NO guts to utter a SINGLE word against the Mullah’s decision, leave along taking the matter to International forum.

  24. piloo

    Most so called Orthodox Parsees schooled at Missionary run schools and want their own children to be educated in ‘Convent” Schools. If they are so proud of their roots, why Schools like JJPB and other Parsee owned Schools in Mumbai do not have even one dozen Parsee pupils. I call the so called religious fervour as xenophobia arising out of apprehension that they may lose out on large Charity flats on subsidized Rents. Just read current issue of Parsiana to get to know what exactly happened at Sanjan.
    It is time that closed circuit T.V’s. are installed at places where ‘handiagiri’ is anticipated.
    Moreover, why such incidents can not be brought within the ambit of Anti Ragging Laws?
    Lastly a sincere request to persons like NEMESIS. Do let us have benefit of your keen sense of observation and do not get discouraged by posts of bigots.

  25. Voice of Reason.

    I find genuine ‘entertainment of a comical kind’ full of fantasies unlimited from ‘Fituris’ (sham ) Scholars having first class distinction to their credit. on the subject of HOODWINKING AND MISLEADING. They can even create an imaginary grievance against those who question their ‘profound’ knowledge. They deserve a Doctorate from some University located in Bihar or Jharkhand.

  26. Rohinton

    Please do carry on with your attacks on the Parsee community !
    Your actions will only leave the community/Religion less vulnerable to more attacks from UNIMAGINABLE sources.

    Do also carry on refusing to see the ” dhong ” in the more vicious and more ” dhongi ” faction of those pretending to be Zoroastrian ( half-Zoroastrian, I mean ! ).

    And do follow the example of other communities who attack their own members inorder to include Parsee/Zoroastrians ; and to give priviledges that were previously reserved for their own to Parsee/Zoroastrians !

    Please do ….. the Parsee community will fly higher and the
    Religion will grow stronger, not in numbers only, but also in the number of half-religions it is practised with !

    And please do all of the above with such vigour and passion
    that I may , in my lifetime be witness to THE END.

    The Parsee community , the Zoroastrian Religion as practised by the Parsees , and every enemy of this group is counting on you !!

    Thank-you very much !


    Manashni, Gavashni & Kunashni, of the Champions of ‘Orthodoxy’ must be so pure and of a very high order that at Sanjan they even falsely instigated members of another religion known for fundamentalism the world over that a member of their religion was being converted to Zoroastrainism. These Orthodox claim to be of pure Zoroastran pedigree and they have just shown their concept of MANASHNI, GAVASHNI & KUNASHNI. MAY AHURA MAZDA SAVE US FROM SUCH SAVIOURS. The word ORTHODOXY HAS BEEN CORRUPTED OOPS “ELEVATED’ to a new low.

  28. Farzana

    Well said Piloo.

    Chistyakov stated he was hit in his groin and his shirt and sudreh torn. The mob attempted to remove his trousers to ascertain whether he was circumcised.

    I would like to see which Zoroastrian text prescribes dadagiri of such kind.

    According to Orthodox version only Parsis can be ordained as navar.

    I would also like to see which book of theirs says so!!

  29. a.rustomjee

    According to some a FULL Parsi is one who wears Sadra Kusti goes to Fire Temple ,as also to a Mandir of some Baba, and Novena. That is DHONG which dhanshakias refuse to admit.
    And can any Scholar enlighten others why Zoroastrians who fled and reportedly sailed to India were carrying bags of Sugar. Also let us know the name of sugar mill, whose product was being carried.

  30. a.rustomjee

    Wrong Farzana,
    According to self appointed regulators of our Religion only the male off spring of an Athornan can become a Navar. So the concept of para Mobed has gone for a toss.And as is known, no priest means no religious institutions.

  31. ZINOB

    Friends all,
    It is time to bid au revoir to this topic. Those who bragged of being in possession of stockpile of literary material that was to “blasts open the fallacies and arguments of the liberals and wannabies’ has turned out to be a damp squib. How many have been impressed by cock & bull stories/fabrications of fertile minds? The stockpile of such cock & bull stories now seem to be exhausted.
    Even one person who wanted to disprove vandalism has not been able to provide photo evidence of no vandalism and has disappeared from the blog, as rightly pointed out by another blogger The whole episode has backfired and if FPJ’s paid Advertisement ‘praises’ this lumpen conduct,it is but natural as one can not expect them to admit vandalism. To cover up the indefensible is not unexpected.To be candid requires rectitude to admit a blunder.
    As for persons like Rohinton, I can only sincerely request him to read the writings on the wall. Did anybody ever imagine a High Priest and that too of what is regarded as Vatican of Parsees would be an individual whose own kith & kin were inter faith married. I do not blame anybody. In fact those who were instrumental in this appointment need to be congratulated for realising the circumstances in which the community is placed. I call it practical thinking and correct decision making. The individual elevated as the High Priest is a scholar in his own right and a person of integrity, though it is a different matter if all may not agree to his beliefs.
    Last suggestion to the “Staunch Stalwarts/Scholars’ Why the Ad page in FPJ does not carry your ‘food for thought’.Not that any one is suggesting to you NOT to air your ‘scholarship’ on this portal for this blog is not a personal property of any blogger.
    All that this unsavoury event at Sanjan has accomplished is opening the eyes of other priests for lucrative professional opportunities for so called renegade priests and one will not be surprised if more number of such priests rush for foreign trips.Unwittingly, a free publicity has been provided.

  32. arzan sam wadia

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