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Udvada Land Issue: Nucleus Developers Speak

Below is an email communique from Nucleus Developers who are at the centre of the “storm” over the 200 acres plot. Here is their side of the story.


The Respected Parsi Community.

Respected Elders & Dear Young Intellectuals,

Ourselves Mr. Pramod Banka and Mr. Salim Kherani, Directors of Nucleus Developers Pvt. Ltd. India, seek your help and intervention in our misunderstood case, as most of you must be aware, THE 200 ACRE PROJECT AT UDWADA.

We hereby, first of all, wish to explain our case from our point of view and leave the rest to the judgment of your learned reasonings.  Kindly read on and do not have any prior opinions, if any, made on the basis of what you may have known as facts earlier. This is the first time that we have come in print to you, to explain our project, as we feel, mis-information about our case, in your esteemed community, will only create hurdles on our sincere path, but if well-informed, we shall only have your strongest support and guidance which we feel we genuinely deserve at this point in time.

We are a business group with many a diversified business, real estate development being one of them. By development we mean construction of housing complexes as is our case with Udwada.

Being a Centre of the Parsi Community, Udvada, at present, is flourishing in the  development of the residential complexes. In the past 3 years, about 33 Residential Buildings have come up and the majority of them are within 300 Mtrs. distance of Udvada’s Parsi’s Pak Iranshah Atash Behram Holy Fire Temple. Some of the Buildings, as owned by Parsi Community are as follows.


01. Ashirwad Apartments

02. Vahistead Apartments

03. Mac Building

04. Yazda Apartments

05. Bag-e-Iranshah Bldg

06. Paras building

07. Fenta Building

08. Dhanabag Building

As said above, in the vicinity of the said Holy Fire Temple, and within 200 to 300 Mtrs of the Fire Temple, are situated the above and many other about 33 Residential Buildings and they all belong to the Parsi Community. In these buildings there are over 500 Flats. And within 300 Mtrs. of the Fire Temple, there are also certain Bunglows and Row Houses.

Apart from the above, in a piece of land just adjacent to the Holy Fire Temple, there are coming up many Residential Buildings, Row Houses, etc. The latest one which is coming up is the Royal Park with 16 Flats. And on the said land are coming up about 74 Raw Houses for which the plans have already been passed. This same piece of land was originally part of our 200Acre Property.

Now amongst all these constructions, some are completed and some are going on, we have started our own Development Project comprising of about 128 Farm Houses with land Area of 1 Acre per Farm House. On objection raised by the Vada Parsi Dastoorji regarding Traffic Congestions, we changed the road and our Main Gate is now shifted to about 1 KM from the Holy Fire Temple. If our project site is away by 1 KM from the Parsi’s Holy Fire Temple, we just fail to understand as to why the Vada Parsi Dastoorji is taking objection to our project.

In Udvada, in the entire village, there is population of about 7000. Our Farm Houses Project Land is double the size of the entire Udvada Village. In this, 200 Acres of our Project Land, we are going to develop about 128 Farm Houses each having area of about 1 Acre, i.e. about 44,000 sq.ft. And since these Farm Houses will be purchased only by the Elite Class of People from Cities of Mumbai, Surat, Baroda, Ahmedabad, etc. they will use the Farm House not for their permanent residence but only as a Holiday Home, where the Farm House will be occupied for only a few days in a year. Then why this hue and cry about our Project which is the most environment friendly ?

Our Project will help the area to be green and well maintained by the respective owners  of the Farm Houses, and this is where the problem starts. Vada Dastoorji objects to our project leaving and having left various other projects to be completed. Ours on the contrary allows 200 acres of green land to remain green and not have maddening congestions which future constructions in the line of present ones would create.

This matter, to stop development of our land, is now taken to court by Vada Dastoorji and five other persons in the name of the whole Parsi Community. We have met Parsi Panchayet Trustees of Mumbai and other Reputed Members of Parsi Community, held meetings with them and tried to convince them that we are not in any manner polluting the area and  also that  the 25 Acres of Land near the fire temple shall be developed into a beautiful garden for Parsis and other villagers  of Udvada with parking space for vehicles bringing passengers to pay homage to Iranshah, etc. We also assured Dastoorji and others that we shall allot plots first to Parsis and remaining shall be taken up by others. But, for reasons, best known to him, Vada Dastoorji insists that it is bad for Iranshah’s sanctity though our Project Site is 1 KM away from the Holy Fire Temple.

All the Trustees of Bombay Parsi Panchayet gave us a patient hearing and they were all sympathetic with us. And they could very well understand and they also got convinced about the merits of our project. However they expressed their helplessness as, according to them, the matter was to be handled by Udvada Anjuman Trust where the Vada Parsi Dastoorji has a leading role. And the Dastoorji is in no mood to see any development, by us, at Udvada.

This, dear readers, is a short, very short description of what is going on, on the other hand, we humbly request you to weigh, in your own way, whether our project looks as harmful to you as portrayed. Now that the matter is in court, we shall be compelled to fight our case. It is very pertinent to note that, in Udvada, of the 33 Residential Buildings which have come up, majority of them belong to Parsi Community and almost 70 % to 80 % of these buildings are illegal structures constructed without any regard to the law of the land. We have gathered all the evidences, using Right To Information Act, about these properties. Now, if we are harassed, even if our project is the most genuine and legally tenable, then, we shall also be compelled to move legally against these illegal projects where not only these vested interest persons (Vada Parsi Dastoorji and his associates) and other Members of Parsi Community will suffer, a few other innocent people from the Udvada Village will also suffer.  And with that, an unnecessary tension will be created in Udvada and an anti-Parsi environment will also crop up. If this happens, it will be very dangerous for all of us.

And dear Readers, do you know why the Vada Parsi Dastoorji and his associates are creating hurdles for our project ? Its just because these very people want us to sell our entire Project Land to them at a price below our purchase price. And they are threatening us that if we will not sell the land to them at below cost, then they will not allow us to do any development activity on our project land. 

Kindly, do give this matter a thought, as, now is the time to think and act as it is all in the name of the community. We also have support from quite a good number of Parsis who have willingly made affidavits for us to produce in court that it is not the WHOLE Community’s joint decision but of Dastoorji and others. Dear readers as the things are getting messier day by day, kindly come out in the open and contact us and your dear Vada Dastoorji so that the name of the Parsi Community is not involved in matters pertaining to personal involvements. We are open to suggestions, guidance, help, compromise and anything that will amicably help us to get on with our project, as well as keeping the community, though not involved, happy.

Kindly contact us for any queries, questions, etc. which we are ready to answer in the interest of the Parsi Community and ourselves also.

This is our try to make you dear readers aware of the truth, we leave the reasoning to your esteemed understand and wish that some of you do intervene and settle our differences.

We hereby also invite you dear readers that to know about our legal proceedings please keep in touch with our website to know our steps how we are forced to defend ourselves in spite of trying our best to avoid murky allegations. By keeping open our website for you, dear Parsi readers, we only want to keep your peaceful Community informed that few persons, for their personal aims, out of utter ignorance are involving the whole community.

Kindly, if you find sense, in our cause, do intervene in the name of the community and as well stand up for the cause where right is right and wrong is wrong.

Keep yourselves INFORMED DIRECTLY by logging on to our web site, by contacting us on direct lines whenever you feel free. Do not be misguided by one sided clarifications, see both sides of the coin.

You may visit our website for further details of our project:

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