Why Are India’s Parsi People Going Extinct?


July 29, 2015

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There are less than 60,000 Parsis in India today.

That fact itself is so alarming that it demands measures to help the community from fading away. Despite their low numbers, their contribution in the field of education, architecture, literature, business, entertainment & food is impactful. The Government’s scheme called Jiyo Parsi is one such scheme that plans to embolden their existence in real figures by telling them to ”be responsible, don’t use a condom tonight.”

Article by Aparajita Mishra | Story Pick


After watching this video uploaded by Seeker Daily, that’s the question that lingers on my mind: Although desperate situations call for desperate measures, are these solutions realistic? Like bringing up 3 kids in a city like Mumbai?

What are your thoughts?


  1. Truth

    Why is bringing up 3 kids in Mumbai unrealistic? Most Indians have more kids than that, and 3 kids in Mumbai also seems to be the norm.

    When you compare Parsis to other Indians or other Mumbai residents of the same socioeconomic status you will see Parsis continue to have exceptionally low fertility rates, therefore the lack of kids among Parsis cannot have have financial reasons behind it.

  2. shaz

    The obvious answer is welcoming Parsi women who marry ‘outsiders’ and also the children born out of such unions. Its nuts that men who marry non Parsis are still supported as are their children but not the women and her brood… double standards much? Its also a logistical thing there just arn’t enough Parsis to go around for a Parsi guy and girl to meet, like each other enough to want to spend the rest of their lives together and make babies…! We gotta open the community up! Let the genes mingle and then our culture can continue. Else extinction (& thats forever  ) Finally for an open minded ‘western’ community (the reporters words, not mine) we are harbouring extremely archaic ideas about ‘purity’…it reminds me of another race…lets NOT go there!!!