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Zoroastrians: Mapping Our Future: A Survey

Sam Balsara of Madison Advertising is putting together a presentation for the World Zoroastrian Congress in Dubai at the end of this year. As part of that he would like as many Zoroastrians to fill out a survey that will help him analyze current trends and thought process and lead to an analysis/brainstorming session.

The survey has been put together by Dina Mehta, a good friend.  In an email announcement Dina writes

Hemant and I’ve been helping Sam Balsara of Madison Advertising develop this survey. It’s for Zoroastrians and Parsis all over the world, and is intended to guide the development of a blueprint for the future of our community, findings of which he will share at the World Zoroastrian Congress in December.

The survey can be accessed here. Please fill it out and also pass on this link to others. The more people taking the survey, the more accurate a picture.