Australian Researcher Carromex led by Dr. Burzin Bhavnagri Unveils Pharma Leads


July 17, 2020

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Carromex started out as a family business in the 1980s. While the products and services offered by Carromex have been diverse, for the last 8 years we have focused on mathematical research and program design. The business was founded by Dr Nina Bhavnagri and her son Dr Burzin Bhavnagri.

FactSheetImageDr Burzin Bhavnagri grew up in Melbourne, Australia. After finishing his schooling and Bachelor degree in Science at Monash University he completed his PhD in mathematics and computer vision at the University of Adelaide. His thesis was entitled Computer Vision using Shape Spaces. During his PhD Burzin happened across a mathematical discovery called Representational Consistency.

In 2012 Nina died of breast cancer after two decades of fighting this illness. This loss inspired Burzin to begin researching cancer in more detail. Using his previous discovery of representational consistency, Burzin began to research the 30 known definite carcinogens listed by the IARC (the International Agency Cancer Research). He discovered that there was a link between representational inconsistency and these carcinogens. This and further independent research conducted by Burzin over the last 8 years has led to the development of Pharma Leads.

Carromex Unveils Pharma Leads, a Groundbreaking Cloud-based Platform for Rapid Drug Analysis and Discovery

Mathematical Breakthrough by Australia-based Research Team Leads to a Shortening of Drug Discovery Times and Efficacy Analysis

Carromex, a mathematical research-based innovation company based in Australia, unveiled a new cloud-based pharmaceutical software platform called Pharma Leads, that is set to significantly contribute to the advancement of the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry today.

The platform provides pharmaceutical companies and researchers with two unique benefits:

  • First, users can discover potential treatments by merely inputting the genetic sequence of the disease, dramatically reducing the time and costs associated with searching for new treatments.
  • Second, researchers and pharmaceutical companies can rapidly assess the safety and efficacy of the therapy by analyzing its genetic makeup to test if the combination will be harmful to the body.

The discovery was first made by Dr Burzin Bhavnagri while in pursuit of his Ph. D. at the University of Adelaide and is now available publicly for the first time.

“Representational Consistency is an exciting and entirely new field of mathematics. In my thesis on the development of “Computer Vision using Shape Spaces” and my desire to apply the theory to a real-world example of cancer drug treatment, I discovered a formula which led to the creation of Pharma Leads”, said Dr. Burzin.

From the Search for a Cure for Cancer to a Healthcare Breakthrough

In 2012, using his discovery of Representational Consistency, Dr Burzin began to research the 30 known definite carcinogens listed by the International Agency of Cancer Research (IARC), where he discovered a link between representational inconsistency and carcinogens, prompting the search for a cancer treatment using the theory.

Dr Burzin then discovered that the same process could be used to dramatically reduce the research time and costs associated with drug development and discovery, leading to the creation of the Pharma Leads platform.

Using Computer Vision to Revolutionize the Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharma Leads by Carromex is an interactive online program that works in silico without the need for a database which can systematically analyze a chemical structure or gene sequence.

The revolutionary platform allows users to access a list of amino acids for a protein sequence or a list of nucleic acids for a gene sequence. The user can also enter the name of the medicines or their chemical structure to analyze a drugs safety and efficacy.

“Users can choose from searching for a treatment or analyze how a chemical compound may interact with RNA or DNA, for instance, Acetaminophen,” Dr Burzin explained further.

Pharma Leads by Carromex is currently available on Google Cloud for users in the United States.

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About Carromex and the Invention of Pharma leads

Carromex was founded in the 1980s by the late Dr Nina Bhavnagri and her son Dr Burzin Bhavnagri. For the last eight years, the company has been focusing on mathematical research and program design.