Pain Management with Dr. Rohaan F. Mehta


July 19, 2019

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Dr. Mehta offers a comprehensive approach to treating customers suffering from painful conditions. He believes that by addressing pain as soon as it starts, rather than waiting to see how it develops, the pain can be more effectively identified and treated in the long-term. Dr. Mehta creates individualized treatment plans for his customers to manage subacute and chronic pain, using a multimodal methodology that includes safe medication management, physical rehabilitation, behavioral therapies and complementary therapies.

“I create individualized treatment plans for my customers to manage or treat subacute and chronic pain.”

Dr. Mehta also has extensive experience in advanced minimally invasive interventional procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of pain, including radiofrequency denervation, vertebroplasty, kyphoplasty, spinal cord stimulation, discography, sympathetic nerve blocks, and cervical thoracic and lumbar spinal procedures, among others.

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