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Z-Meds: Zoroastrian Doctors Without Borders

A note from Parimah Irani:

I am involved with a Zoroastrian group called Z-Meds. This group is the Zoroastrian version of Doctors without Borders and its mission is to gather a directory of Zoroastrians in medial filed who are willing to volunteer their time and expertise either locally or internationally in order to attend to the health of the Zoroastrians in need. As an organization, we intend to provide free physical exams, eye tests, dental care and carry out basic medical procedures and implement preventative medicine techniques.

If you are in a medial field and are willing to volunteer your time and expertise either locally or internationally to help your fellow Zoroastrians in need please click on the link below and enter your information so we can plan our future events:

Based on where you live please click on one of these 5 tabs: USA, Canada, Iran, India & Australia. Anyone who has the link is able to enter his/her own own information into the spreadsheet.

Please help us in our mission to help other Zoroastrians by forwarding this email to your Zoroastrian friends and family members who are in medical field.

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.