Ame Chhaiye Parsi: Traditional Music Comes Alive


August 19, 2014

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Below is a write up sent by Parsi Khabar reader and well known community figure Marzban Giara.

Let us welcome Yezdezerdi 1384 with a round of lilting music in our homes, colonies and baugs. AME CHHAIYE PARSI a new music album of monajats- songs of joy and peace produced by  Bapsy and Marzban Giara was released by Ervad Burjor Hormusji Antia, eminent  solicitor and philanthropist at Sir J. J. School, Mumbai on Thursday 31st July 2014. These unique songs have never before been recorded on an audio cassette or CD. A team of young very talented trained singers like Parizad Mehraz Parakh and Manaz Cyrus Nariman have lent their melodious voices. These songs are in praise of Dadar Ahura Mazda, beloved prophet  Zarathushtra, atash padshah, asho Sarosh Yazad, characteristics and qualities of Parsi Zarthostis. This CD is a fine contribution to preserving our rich heritage of devotional music.

CD Inlay card Ame Chaiye Parsi

Singing devotional songs is Giara’s hobby. He was inspired by his parents, his teachers, his wife Bapsy and son Zareer. He and his wife Bapsy have sung at several music programs at various public functions. It is hoped that singing and listening to  these songs daily at home and at all Parsi Zoroastrian community functions will bring joy and peace in our families, our community and our country.

Marzban Giara learnt some of these songs as a child in navjote class conducted by Dadar Parsee Youths Assembly. He has a track record of

steady consistent performance. In 1993 he produced an audio cassette Zoroastrian Melodies. In 1995 Jarthosti Gayan Sangrah, a book of 101 devotional  songs.In 2006 Gavo Maree Saathe, a book of 350 Parsi songs. In 2012 on the  occasion of death centenary of Kavi Firoz Batliwalla of Chhaiye Ame Zarthosti fame a music program of his songs was arranged by him.In 2013 a  music CD Khushaline Bandagina Geeto and now his latest music CD Ame Chhaiye Parsi in 2014.

Mr. Antia praised Marzban Giara for his many unique books such as Global Directory of Zoroastrian Fire Temples and Parsi Statues, All India Directory of Parsi Institutions and music albums. He urged the Parsi community to live in harmony and unity and preserve our rich heritage. He said: “Marzban Giara is an asset to our community. We need to have a positive approach and work constructively and encourage young talents to bloom.” Mr. Antia was so moved by the lilting music and the singers that he announced cash awards for all the four singers. Mr. Giara appreciated the role of the families of Carnac, Nariman and Parakh whose mothers and grandmothers encouraged the singers and were even present at the recording studio to cheer their children and grand children as also at today’s release function.

Despite heavy rains Mr. Khojeste Mistree, Anahita and Yazdi Desai, Dinaz and Sam Choksey, Ratamai Peer and Jehangir Patel, editor of Parsiana along with many others graced the occasion and encouraged the singers by their presence. Bapsy Giara delivered  the vote of thanks. She thanked the trustees of Sir J. J. School for use of the audio visual room and the Parsi press for giving publicity to the function. All joined in singing the full version of Chhaiye Ame Jarthosti song led by Bapsy Giara and the national anthem.

This 60 minute audio CD with 14 songs and a booklet of the lyrics is available for Rs.150/- from Marzban Giara, Dhunamae Building, 667, Lady Jehangir Road, Dadar, Mumbai 400014. Tel. +91-22 -24166204. e-mail:

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Parzan and Manaz Nariman with Hanosh Parakh singing Ame Chhaiye Parsi title song