Frazan Kotwal at the Godrej India Culture Lab


May 21, 2014

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imageA few months ago we had brought you an article on Frazan Adil Kotwal, a young 20 year old dastoorji who is also an accomplished singer.


`Performing solo at the Russian centre of science and culture and at the Godrej museum of memories add to his musical footprints. He feels opera is genre of music that though most people do not understand, many are moving towards it, all you need to do is feel the music. “It is much like Bollywood in a sense, the same drama!” he says. He has created a forum on a social media platform for ‘Western Classical Music India’ which will aid in spreading awareness for this kind of music amongst the new generation here in India.

The young singer’s dream is to become one of the great singers of the classical world of his generation, now that’s a dream we lark!

Here is a link to Frazan’s page:

In this performance held at the Godrej India Culture Lab – Pop Up INK conference on 5th July 2013, opera singer Frazan Kotwal sang the songs ‘Per Morire’, ‘Dorme La Selva’, ‘O Sole Mio’, ‘Silent Noon’ and finished off with a classic Wizard of Oz song – ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’.

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