Frazan Kotwal Performs For Hospital Patients in Germany During COVID-19 Pandemic


April 3, 2020

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Our dear friend and amazing musician Frazan Adil Kotwal was invited today to the Robert Bosch Hospital to sing for the corona Virus patients. It was handled very carefully and professionally. He was allowed to sing from outside while the rest of the patients saw from their rooms and windows! It is a proud moment because all over the world concerts and operas are cancelled. Frazan considers himself one of the lucky few in the world to perform an entire solo concert during these rough times! Hope you also enjoy!!

In Frazan’s words

The show must go on…

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On a balmy Friday afternoon, my Pianist Yu Tashiro and myself got into a bus and made our way to the Robert Bosch Hospital where we are going to have our concert at 14:30 organised by the wonderful Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now Scholarship, this scholarship has given me a lot of beautiful memories like singing in a Jail in JVA, Kinder Hospices, old age homes etc.

And from the very beginning I knew this was going to be a special memory too! When the whole world has cancelled concerts and almost every artist is out of work, Yu Tashiro and myself had been given the honour of performing a full solo recital, it was difficult because we hadn’t rehearsed for months so Yu and I started to practise and discuss our tempo and dynamics in the bus itself.

Once we reached there, the atmosphere was very different! people were taking a lot of care and it was extremely professional.
A lady from the hospital guided us towards the open air area where we supposed to sing! it was an innenhof and an L shaped building.

Yu and I were very nervous, because we both knew that this was something very different. Even the chairman of the Live music now foundation Dr. Bretthauer was there to support us!

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We started performing and it was beautiful to see the patients peeping out of their windows slowly, the smiles on their faces gave me more energy! the more I sang the more people kept peeping out! some were shy, some were filming us and some just sat there awestruck. The moment i Started singing the famous songs like ‘My Way’ or from ‘Im Weissen Rössl, the patients smiles widened and i could feel their happiness.

For me what was really beautiful, was that it was not just patients who enjoyed but also all the doctors and nurses who were behind closed doors were dancing and swaying to some of the familiar tunes that i sang! One of them even mentioned about how she looks forward to listening to this music and how it bought her so much joy!

This would have not been possible without the phenomenal Yehudi Menuhin Live Music Now foundation, this foundation gives Artist like us such beautiful moments and I truly hold them very dear to my heart! they are also extremely supportive and are helping their Stipiendats through this difficult time! I trull thank them form the bottom of my heart!

as musicians to perform in such a difficult time was extremely challenging, but this is why I do music, to bring happiness to people who need it the most and to spread the joy because at the end of the day the show must go on.


  1. Rustom Dadabhoy

    What a lovely gesture. Thank you Frazan and may the Lord Ahura Mazda and Paigambar Asho Zarathustra bless you always. Keep up the good work !!