Jayhaan: Mobed by Day & DJ by Night


June 30, 2020



press 4 Jehan Bhesania, better known by his stage name ‘Jayhaan’ is a priest by day and a DJ by night. His budding career in music has already spearheaded the entry of Jersey Club in India which was previously alien to the Indian Music Industry. Using this momentum, he is changing the face of electronic music by fusing the sounds of Western Jersey Club, bass music and trap, with Indian instruments and melodies.

People often talk about a mid-life crisis, but seldom do we hear of the very real identity crisis that occurs during puberty. Torn between music and priesthood, it was during this identity crisis that 14 year old Jayhaan found his identity and purpose in music.

Along with Jersey Club, Jayhaan performs and produces Hip-Hop and Trap, working closely with 7Bantai’Z, Dopeadelicz, Darpan, and MC Azad. Jayhaan recently released his first album titled ‘Jadibooty’, showcasing his love for bass music as well as his roots in the form of Indian folk music. His dedication to Jersey Club paid off when his work was featured in ‘ClubJersey’, one of the biggest Jersey Club platforms worldwide. He has been credited with making the first official Jersey Club remixes for movies like ‘Bang Bang’ and ‘Udta Punjab’ for Zee Music. He has also featured on the Zee5 show ‘Sounds of India’.

Already a priest, DJ, turntablist, record producer and digital marketeer, Jayhaan is now also exploring his entrepreneurial side with his venture ‘Ghelo’, a platform for artists to create and share with the world.

Follow his work on his youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOZo4hMZYKaTcJKquXs94dg