Jungles: Dance Mix by Zephyr Khambatta


April 1, 2022

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Zephyr releases his 2nd single for 2022, this April 1st. Drummer, Music Producer and Recording Artist, Zephyr combines his influences from playing in Urban Drum Crew, his love for Celtic vocals and his hip-hop and pop influenced music production techniques in the new single, a Dance Mix for an EP in the works, Jungles.

Spending a good part of the last decade exploring the music industry in Singapore, Zephyr was inspired by his unique and eclectic musical interests. Jungles (Dance Mix) is a unique pop/tribal track which combines a fast, driving drum crew, haunting synths and pads, a catchy bassline and Celtic and urban vocals.

This track was composed over 8 years, in pieces. “At first it was just drums that I wrote, getting inspired by Urban Drum Crew, which I used to play for,” he says. “Eventually I started layering vocals and bass, and everyone I showed it to kept smiling and nodding. That’s when I knew I had something.”


At the height of Covid in end-2020, Zephyr sent the track to his team in the U.S., headed by Tiara Parker-Ragland who previously worked with a company which has produced videos for Khalid and Wiz Khalifa. They also previously worked on his music video for Sail Away which made it to MTV and VH1. Now, Tiara heads Ragland Reign which oversaw the production of this video as a student mentorship project.

The entire video for Jungles was shot on a phone by the team as an experiment. It features a versatile and elegant dancer, Thomas Larché. This track is to be followed up with other versions featuring vocalists and producers, including Zephyr himself on vocals. The direction, production and set photography was done by a young student team under Tiara’s mentorship, namely, Cassandra Davis, Marianna Palladino & Emily Burroughs.
This is Zephyr’s second release of 2022. His first track for 2022, My Religion Is Love, was played on radio in Arizona, U.S. and was covered in periodicals, blogs and online platforms in India & Singapore. Previously, his tracks reached airplay in the U.S. in 2021 and Pakistan in 2020. A youtuber, recording artist, music producer, life coach and the founder of the 5.5k strong Facebook Group, Singapore Music, he has been slowly but steadily gaining influence online.

Previously, his unique and positive style of music met with positive feedback and features regionally including MTV Asia, VH1 India, Coconuts Yangon and the local press in Singapore, Yangon and India.
*Featured Quotes About Zephyr:
“His story is really inspirational.” – Vishen Lakhiani, CEO, Mindvalley
“Dynamic.” – Iskandar Ismail, Musician, Producer & Music Director
“This guy has passion.” – Danny Loong, CEO, Timbre Group

Title: Zephyr goes 2 for 2 with his 2nd track for 2022. Jungles (Dance Mix) juxtaposes a ballet and contemporary dance music video with exuberant drums, haunting synths and Celtic and urban vocals.

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*Contact Information
Email: zephyr.swift@gmail.com
Tel: +65 94245190 (Same for Whatsapp)
Social Networks, Website with full music bio: https://linktr.ee/zephyrkhambatta