Navzad Dabu: A NYC Subway Concert of Radiohead Covers


April 21, 2023

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Musician Navzad Dabu provided late-night commuters in NYC’s Metropolitan Avenue / Grand Street subway station with a phenomenal private performance. His graveyard shift concert included back-to-back covers of a dozen Radiohead tracks. We would have stood there for the whole show and missed our train.

My name is Navzad Dabu. While living in Bushwick this past year, I frequented the Metropolitan G stop during the graveyard shifts, where Radiohead songs and the trickling down of late-night activities meet in perfect harmony. This set represents a little window into a space that I hold sacred, not only as tribute to Radiohead’s mercurial majesty, but also as gracious observation of these beautiful New Yorkers, themselves. Thanks for listening and watching!