Parsi kids revive Monajats at event


April 18, 2016

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On Saturday evening, the Parsi community of Mumbai saw the recital of MonaJat songs, or religious Parsi songs, during a competition at Allbless Baug in Charni Road. This was for the first time that such an event was held in the city.

Article by Forum Gandhi | DNA

Around 250 children, aged between 5-15 years, from Extremely Young Zorastrians (XYZee) took part in the event, which also included other competitions such as a cookery show. Eight groups from different parts of Mumbai came together to participate in the MonaJat song competition.

Rihdabeh Vazifdar, aged 15 years, said: “We have heard these songs earlier, but for children younger than me, this competition is a brilliant way to give them exposure because they get to understand these songs in a fun way and then recite them in a lively manner as well.”

Porush Moralia (12) said: “We enjoyed ourselves a lot. We met many new people and learned many different songs of our community as well.”

Senior citizens, on the other hand, viewed the event with a considerable amount of nostalgia. “It is lovely to see that kids are singing the same songs that I used to sing when I was a child. I am very touched with the attempt they have made,” said Lulu Keutki, who is 84 years old.

“These songs are about 100 years old and represent our culture,” said another audience member.

The judges, too, seemed impressed. Snober Reporter, one of the judges, who is a trained classical singer, said, “I am pleased to be here. The kids are really talented and have a bright future ahead.”