Parsi Musician Releases First Single With All Proceeds Donated To Charity


November 2, 2019

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“Run the Race Again” – A Brand New Instrumental Single by Nenshad Bardoliwalla Available NOW! ALL proceeds will go to charity!

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The Quick Story Behind “Run The Race Again”

My parents relented and bought me my first guitar at a garage sale in 1984, after I begged them to get it for me and promised that I would take lessons. Since then, it was always my dream to have something I wrote and recorded actually be played on the radio for anyone who wanted to listen. 35 years later, I’ve taken a big step towards accomplishing that dream, and I’m so excited to be able to share it with all of you.

My new single, “Run The Race Again”, is available NOW on every major streaming audio service! All proceeds will go directly to charity, specifically the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, so supporting this work directly contributes to a great cause in perfect time for holiday season giving. If you enjoy the song, PLEASE like, comment, and share broadly and widely within your own networks so we can build some awareness. Here are some other the links where you can get the single:

imageThe Full Story Behind “Run The Race Again”

In the apartment that my wife and I lived in from 2001-2005, I had built a recording studio in the second bedroom and recorded a CD called “Some Other Time” containing a number of jazz standards. The huge challenge I gave myself was to play all the instruments: guitars, basses, synthesizers, and drum set. It was a really fun project, and many of you were kind enough to pick up a copy of the CD and hopefully enjoyed it too. But when we moved to our first house in 2005 in anticipation of the birth of our first daughter, all the instruments got packed up and very rarely made their way out. After two decades of always having multiple guitars and other instruments lying around, I rarely played more than once a month from 2006-2017.

In 2017, our now complete family with three active daughters outgrew that house and we moved to a new one, where I was fortunate enough to have an entire room to myself, a room that many folks now refer to as a “man cave”. Since January 2019, I’ve brought all the instruments out of storage, modernized my setup with many new toys, and rebuilt my recording studio. As a result, I started playing again quite a bit, and even composing my own material! It’s been a blast to be able to pursue my musical passion again amidst all that is required in trying to be a husband, father, son, friend, and co-founder of a start-up company.

“Run the Race Again” is a composition that explores the imagery and feelings of the perpetual cycle of exhilaration and exhaustion running all the races in our lives: From the joy of our races with our friends in the neighborhood in our childhoods, to the angst of the popularity race in our teen years, to the race to independence and then married dependence in our 20’s, to starting to find steady footing in our 30’s in the rat race, to wanting to quit all the races that spawn our mid-life crises in our 40’s, to the jubilation of finishing those races, finding our true selves, and making peace with who we are as we enter our 50’s, and then beginning the cycle all over in the second half of our lives.

Tnenshad-bardoliwalahis composition was written from July to October 2019 and recorded on October 13, 2019 at my home studio. I really wanted to create sounds on a single guitar that could be as quiet as the softest pluck of a string the ear could hear to as grand and expansive as an orchestra at full volume. You’ll have to let me me know how close I’ve come to succeeding! This was created with a single guitar, an audio interface, some recording software on my Mac, and my two hands in a single take. I think it’s the most amazing thing that you can go to Apple Music or Spotify and type the name of someone you personally know and actually have something I wrote and recorded show up! It would be even more amazing if you like the music too.

I would really appreciate it if you’d take the time to listen, to upvote, to comment, to share with others, or participate in any way you can to get the word out to make my dream come true. As this is one of my childhood dreams, I want to pay it forward to a new generation of children, so any money I make out of this effort will go straight to The Boys and Girls Clubs of America. So you’ll be supporting a good cause that’s far more important than me and my musical aspirations. I really just wanted to be able to say that I had done this because I always wanted to, not to create a new income stream. I really hope that you enjoy it and that it can inspire you to pursue your own dreams that you’ve put off for too long! Let me know what you think.