Pianist Neville Bharucha Wins 24th Ennio Porrino Competition


January 1, 2016

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Phiroze Bharda of the Bangalore Parsi Anjuman informs….

I am delighted  to inform all the members of our community that Neville Z.Bharucha  has won the 24th Ennio Porrino International Piano Competition held in Cagliari, Italy last month in a tie with Russian pianist Evgeny Starodubtsev.

This is yet another distinction to the many already earned by this very talented and skilled pianist. The Parsee community is proud of him as are his doting parents and grandmother.

In Sept 2014, Neville earned his Master’s Degree in Music Performance, with Distinction, from Southampton University, UK. He has also successfully completed a second Master’s Degree with merit in Music Composition at City University, London this October.

The attached article which appeared in the local newspaper in Italy, gives details of the Piano competition which Neville participated in.


“The winners of the XXIV International Piano Competition “Ennio Porrino” (2015)”

A  second prize – a tie  to the Indian pianist  Neville Zarir Bharucha  and  Russian  Evgeny Starodubtsev  and third prize for the Japanese pianist  Mari Shirai  : the jury of the  XXIV International Piano Competition “Ennio Porrino”  –  led by pianist and composer Francesco Libetta  and formed by pianists  John Alvino and Stefano Daughter  – no first prize was awarded.

The competition ended on Thursday 26 November at the Teatro Lirico in Cagliari – with the final evening broadcast transmission of IMD Music & Web – the twenty-fourth edition of the prestigious international competition, which saw the participation of young and brilliant performers from around the world – and especially this year by Russia, Japan and India.

During the first two trials – emerged the seven semifinalists  Neville Zarir Bharucha  (India), Minjung Jeon  (Korea) and  Nikita Kozhevnikov  (Russia), Andrei Marta  (Romania),  Makiko Nakamura  (Japan), Mari Shirai  (Japan) and  Evgeny Starodubtsev  (Russia) – including at the end of the second trial the jury has selected the three finalists.


The program was selected by the competitors, with the only constraint to place a work of the twentieth century and not repeat in pieces performed during previous tests: an opportunity for the public to listen to pages rare and unusual execution of youth artists starting their careers, the generation from which will emerge the great pianists of tomorrow.


-First Prize –  not assigned

-Second Prize – ex aequo to  Neville Zarir Bharucha (India) and  Evgeny Starodubtsev  (Russia) –

-Third Prize – at  Mari Shirai  (Japan)

In addition to the rewards and certificates, the winners will have the opportunity to give concerts, offered by leading musical institutions on the island and the Peninsula, in line with the fundamental objective of the competition, which aims at enhancing and promoting new talent and young people interpreters of the keyboard instrument.

The XXIV International Piano Competition “Ennio Porrino” is sponsored and supported by  MiBACT /  Ministry of Heritage and Culture and Tourism , the Autonomous Region of Sardinia  and the  city of Cagliari , and organized with the invaluable contribution of Fondazione Banco di Sardegna , in collaboration with the Conservatory of Music “G. Pierluigi da Palestrina ”  and in co-production with the  Teatro Lirico in Cagliari .

Proud of our young man!!!