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January 6, 2017

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Zephyr Khambatta is a Singaporean singer, rapper, songwriter, record producer, actor, model and host who also plays the drums.

imageAn engineering dropout from the National University of Singapore, it did not take long before Khambatta topped various classes at LASALLE College of the Arts across music and performing art disciplines. A creative force to be reckoned with, Khambatta most recently featured in Eric Khoo’s In The Room (2015), Mediacorp Channel 5’s Tanglin (2016) and launched “More”, his 1st single on 4th December 2015, [ ~ 6000 views on YouTube ]. His 2nd single “Sail Away” released 3rd December 2016, met with positive reviews across the Singapore music scene, and is set to be the song for his first official music video in 2017.

After graduation with a BA (Hons) Music and starting as an intern at Prime Focus World in 2013, Khambatta provided input on the final mix sessions for Nikhil Advani’s film D-Day (2013). In 2014, Khambatta composed and produced the music for and featured a rap performance in Ministry of Funny’s song and YouTube video, Snapback, [ > 40,000 views on YouTube ].

In 6 short years in entertainment, his body of work also includes performing on drums with musical theatre and percussion groups in Singapore, modeling, hosting and teaching drums. Khambatta also won 2nd place in the Band Category at the “IGNITE! Music Festival: Clash of the Bands 2012” competition. In addition to that, he was invited to play drums as part of Urban Drum Crew for “China-Singapore In-Concert 2010” which was screened to 100 million viewers.

Zephyr is currently working on new music for 2017 and on the acting front is working with brands and agencies like HBO, Citibank, HP, Mediacorp Channel 5, and YouTube/Facebook channels JUO Productions and Sure Boh? Singapore. He has previously also been profiled on Mediacorp Vasantham’s TV show, Mudhal Payanam, and in the Singapore papers Today, The Straits Times, Berita Harian etc.

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Short Summary

I’m Zephyr Khambatta and I make music for a living.

I have spent the last three years working with countless amateur, semi-professional, and professional musicians, learning about what it takes to produce original music commercially. Before that, I did a 4 year long music degree.

I want to make as much music as I can in my lifetime that talks about life and helps people with their own lives, be it for a moment of dancing happiness, a week of mourning a lost one, or joy/sympathy forever on their travel playlists in their collections.

Donating to my music video(s) will help to crystallise the message I send with each song, and more importantly, reach the under-privileged, or not very well educated people in both developing and under developed countries as a YouTube link can be quite easily pulled up by anyone. Services and apps like Spotify, iTunes etc? Not so much. Even my own maid is a YouTube pro!!! :)  My aim is to reach everyone, regardless of their social standing or income or knowledge of electronics, and after a large amount of research I think YouTube would be the way (for now at least, till the next big video platform comes along).

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