We are Zoroastrians: Chaiye Hame Zarthoshti English Version


May 27, 2020

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In 2016 the FEZANA Annual General Meeting was hosted by the Zoroastrian Association of Michigan in Detroit, USA. At the Gala Event, one of the most interesting events was the rendition of the song Chaiye Hame Zarathoshti in a fully new english version. Titled We are Zoroastrians, the song was performed by young children of ZAOM who also played the musical instruments for the accompaniment.

Anahita Kavarana who produced and directed that 2016 endeavor; then updated the version of the song in recent times during the pandemic lockdown.

Due to population changes in Zoroastrians around the world and popular demand to include certain countries in the lyrics of the song, we have made a second version of our same favorite song! ENJOY.

The current version is here, and below is the original performance in 2016.

2016 Performance at the FEZANA AGM