What’s a Zoroastrian? I’m One! | Dr. Zubin Damania on Zoroastrianism


January 17, 2020

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Parsi Khabar readers will remember us featuring ZDOGG MD a while ago.

Well, aapro Dr. Zubin Damania….aka ZDOGG MD has come up with a new video

Zubin writes….

From Freddy Mercury to ZDoggMD, the Zoroastrians have been kicking a$$ since 550 BC. Here’s one doctor’s take on what the heck Zoroastrianism is.

WARNING: this is based mostly on what my parents taught me and may therefore be ENTIRELY bullsh*t Your support makes what we do possible!

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  1. Jk Wilson-Synar

    HALLELUJAH!! Finally, in Parsi Khabar, theTruth is spoken! THANK YOU ZDOGGMD!!!!!