Pre-Congress Days: North American Congress 2014


December 28, 2014

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Friday evening December 26th at the Hilton Hotel at Los Angeles Airport was like any other evening. And then all of a sudden the lobby felt like the scene of a flashmob. Over 160 Zoroastrian youth from 18 to 35 swarmed the lobby all decked out to party on the town !! This was the first Pre-Congress youth event of the XVII North American Congress.

Over the next three days, these youth painted Los Angeles “red”. They were all over, taken around by buses; during the day. And the evenings were left to socialize at the happening spots in town.

From the pictures one saw on their super active Facebook feed it was a resounding success. The Youth Program of the XVII NAZC 2014 is truly a legacy of this Congress worth emulating. The credit for that lies with Khushchehr Italia, the young powerhouse leader behind youth activities at ZAC LA. She and her team had really nailed down every detail to a tee. And the care and passion put in to the task truly showed. Take a bow Khush and team !

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Sunday evening also saw the WZCC seminar being held. Over 75 people attended an interesting lecture series. Daraius Irani spoke of real estate opportunities and how Zarathushtis should take advantage of it. Firdosh Mehta, Ex-President FEZANA spoke about the role of Corporate Social Responsibility.

Registration has been a breeze. The kits given to each delegate includes a snazzy cap, a beautifully designed program brochure, other souvenirs and of course “chavenu”.

Here are some other general pictures of the Pre-Congress Days.

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