100 Km Walk by Parsi Youth in New Zealand


July 5, 2009

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The following a report by four Parsi youngsters who walked 100 km in suport of an Oxfam Charity

Oxfam Trailwalker is an annual fundraising event organised and promoted by Oxfam New Zealand. The trailwalker challenges teams to walk or run 100kms through Taupo in central New Zealand in 36 hours. That’s not all, teams must also raise funds – a minimum of $2000 to help support Oxfam’s work to overcome poverty and injustice in the worlds poorest communities.

This year, Trailwalker had a team of Zoroastrian students walking the 100kms. SoupA Stars, a team of friends consisting of Perzen, Kashmira, Nazneen and Xerxes joined the event in the hope that all the training would make them ‘fit’. They also wanted to give something back to the community. “We took part in this because our funds were not merely going to be given to the poor. Instead, Oxfam helps develop sustainable business within a village and actually lifts them out of poverty” says Perzen.

The event is all about teamwork and the right mental attitude. Members have to train together, fundraise together as well as start and finish the race together. It therefore requires great mental strength as members must not only push their bodies beyond its limit but also encourage the team to do the same and not fall apart under pressure

The walk was very tough on all four of the members who were suffering from lack of sleep, sore knees and ankles, blistered feet and fatigue. But, they finished it in 33 hours and 47 minutes. It was a commendable effort on all the team members and especially Xerxes who is only 16 and was the youngest participant on Trailwalker. The support crew consisting of the participants parents’, Shahrukh, Farzana and Niki deserve a special thank you for all their efforts as the team could not have finished the walk without them. “They met us at every checkpoint with food, drink, foot massages, medication, hugs and most importantly moral support and have also helped us through the whole fundraising process” says Kashmira

We would also like to thank everyone who has donated to our team and supported us at every fundraising activity. Walking 100kms showed us that we truly are SoupA Stars. Unleash the SoupA Star within you and help us create an environment where the under privileged can help themselves.