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Adi Ichhaporia Arrested in Sex Scandal

Adi Ichhaporia’s “fledgling health” didn’t stop him from “enjoying sex” even at 62. But it forced Matunga Police to grant him bail on Wednesday, after medical certificates were produced by the accused.

The sex scandal unearthed by the cops on Monday seems to be just as intriguing as it is kinky. Investigators have been left pondering whether Ichhaporia’s wife (name not disclosed) was merely aware that her husband used to film nude women in the act of sex, and even group sex sessions, or was she herself an active collaborator?

According to police investigators, Icchaporia admitted during interrogation that his wife was aware of his “darker side”. At least 250 photographs of nude women, CDs filmed during sexual intercourse, pornographic clippings were recovered from Ichhaporias’ two-room apartment in Dadar’s Parsi Colony.

A cupboard, full of sex toys, was also found by the cops. Icchaporia, by his own admission, had “been into this for the past 25 years”. He also told police that the women were filmed only after they had given their consent.

The photos and CDs have led police to believe that someone else too was involved in the raunchy scandal. There were subtle hints by police sources that the “third person” could have been Ichhaporia’s wife herself.

“This is just the tip of an iceberg. We are interrogating Ichhaporia and trying to get details about his accomplices. Further investigations are on,” said Sunil Ramanand, deputy commissioner of police, (Zone IV). Police have appealed other women “victimised” by Ichhaporia, to come forward and register their complaints.

Ichhaporia’s wife, when contacted by DNA, refused to comment on the allegations. “I am too exhausted and not in a proper frame of mind to comment on anything. All of us are very disturbed,” she said over telephone.

The scandal was unearthed after a 42-year-old housewife approached Matunga Police, alleging that Ichhaporia had threatened to send her nude photos to her in-laws if she refused to comply with his sexual demands. Ichhaporia rubbished her claim and told the cops that he filmed women “only for pleasure and not for commercial purpose”.

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