An Appeal for Medical Costs for a Young Parsi Priest


January 28, 2013

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Dear Fellow Zoroastrians

I am writing this email to you all as a plea for financial help l help for a young.  parsi boy in coma in hospital in Mumbai. Cherag Soli Desai is my moms cousin Soli Desai’s son who is 23 years old. On the night of Dec 16th 2012, he met with a horrible motor bike accident at Sea Wood in New Mumbai. Cherag’s friend who was driving the motor bike dies on spot and Cherag was rushed to hospital by some of his other friends who were behind him on other motor bikes.

Cherag has been in coma and on ventilator in ICU  for more than a month now and is being hospitalized at Gandhi Memorial hospital in New Mumbai. He was also operated for blood clot in his brain which is the main reason he is still in coma , only has been responding since few days a little bit .He was also operated foe multiple fractures on his leg , it is going to be a long road

to recovery for him  and his family and an expensive one. The weekly hospital bills are 1.5 to 2 lacs per week approximately $2,000 .

Cherag has been trained to be a priest at Dadar Parsi Madresa and his grandfather severed at the Dadar Parsi Colony Agiyari  for years. This is my earnest plea to all Zoroastrians abroad to find compassion in their hearts and be generous and donate whatever they can to help in the financial cost for Cherag’s recovery .

If you need to donate or get more details please call Cherag’s dad Soli Desai on his cell no +91-9960021017 or get in touch with me

Thanks You
Yours Sincerely
Firdosh Bhathena