Ba Humata Lecture Series: May 2021


April 29, 2021

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The May 2021 Ba Humata Lecture shall be on the topic: THE LIGHT OF ZARATHUSHTRA “Aatarsh Puthra Ahuraheh Mazdaao” An Ode To Energy, Light and Life (Atash Niyayesh And Related Prayers)

On Sunday, May 2, 2021

8:00 AM Pacific 11:00 AM  Eastern 7:00 PM  Dubai 7:30 PM Tehran 8:30 PM India 3:00 PM UK

Speakers include

  • Mobed Dr. Ardeshir Behi, PhD – Scientist and Research Scholar (Iran And Canada)
  • Mobedyar Dr. Rashin Jahangiri, MD – Educator and Research Scholar (Iran)  
  • Noshir Dadrawala – Religious Scholar, CE0 CAP & Trustee BPP (India)
  • Mahzarin Katrak – BaHumata Youth Ambassador (United Arab Emirates And Australia)
  • Moderated by Dr. Karishma Koka, PhD Founder, Host And Moderator of Ba Humata


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