Dinsha Mistree in Conversation with Rahul Gandhi


June 3, 2023

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Our dear friend Dinsha Mistree moderated a Q&A with Rahul Gandhi of the Indian National Congress at Stanford University.

The New Global Equilibrium: Talk by Rahul Gandhi at Stanford University

Mr. Gandhi offered his unique perspective on the changing world order and India’s crucial role within it. Following his talk, Mr. Gandhi engage in a conversation with CDDRL Affiliated Scholar Dinsha Mistree.

About Dinsha Mistree

Dinsha Mistree is a research fellow at the Hoover Institution, where he manages the Program on Strengthening US-Indian Relations. He is also a research fellow in the Rule of Law Program at Stanford Law School and an affiliated scholar at the Center on Democracy, Development and the Rule of Law. Dr. Mistree studies the relationship between governance and economic growth in developing countries. His scholarship concentrates on the political economy of legal systems, public administration, and education policy, with a regional focus on India. He holds a Ph.D. and an M.A. in Politics from Princeton University, with an S.M. and an S.B. from MIT. He previously held a postdoctoral fellowship at CDDRL and was a visiting scholar at IIM-Ahmedabad.

Dinsha is also involved in Zarathushti affairs in the United States. He currently serves as the Co-Chair of FEZANA Scholarship Committee and was one of the co-founders of the Return To Roots Program. He continues to teach Sunday School at the Zoroastrian Anjuman of Northern California in the Bay Area.