Dinshaw Vimadalal: Cathedral School Alumni


April 10, 2013

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Below is some more information on the “most eligible Parsi” these days…a.k.a Dinshaw Vimadalal.
From Seventh Heaven….a site for Cathedral School Alumni
Mexican Cathedralite

Just had this, hot on the wire, from Willie in Canada:

Dinshaw Vimadalal belonged to the 1960 CBS bunch, was a Prefect, outstanding athlete and astounding on the parallel bars ! He has been in N. America since 1967, first in Western Canada, then in California and after an early retirement at age 47 has settled in Mexico. He flew in like the whirlwind ( literally so, in his own aircraft ! ) and dropped in on us with his wife (Feroza) who is also Bombay born……


Mexican Cathedralite, 60er Vimadalal and his lovely wife, Feroza

Of course I remember 60er Dinshaw. Doesn’t he look just great and fit as when he was at school?! Those muscles are still bristling.
Dinshaw was quite a gymnast, something I never was. I remember 58er Ratan Batliwalla, our late 59er Vasant Ghatge, 59er Peter Miovic, and 60er Dinshaw among the best gymnasts of our final years in school. Of course there were others who were good, as 59er Viney Sethi. But people like Viney had so many interests and were good at all of them, that gymnastics was just a way to be good in the other sports. I cannot, however, generalise, as someone like 59er Peter was also outstanding at swimming!!



Just to refresh you, here is the 1959 Gymnastics Team:


Front row: 59er Viney Sethi , 59er late Vasant Ghatge, 60er Dinshaw Vimadala, (I forget this 60ers name), and 60er ? Solomon
Back row: 60er Name forgotten and 60er Ajit Mehra


I just had it in from 59er Vijay (Nayar) that he should be visiting Toronto next month. Hope you can have a get together, as there seem to be so many of you in that metropolis. Remember me when you do!!