Five defining trends of luxury hospitality: Natalia Jimmy Mistry


January 30, 2020

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The new generation travelers thrive on experiencing new and innovative services and the best form of this for them, is to explore the local culture writes Natalia Jimmy Mistry.

Luxury hospitality continues to be one of the biggest, most lucrative and fastest-growing of all hospitality sectors. Whether it is unforgettable, personalized service, fine food and wine or a relaxing spa, luxury has become a key component of the hospitality industry.

Luxury hospitality has many meanings, depending on the guest’s needs. Often, guests want the best in food, culture, activities and wellness. They come to a destination seeking the same experiences that wealthy locals have access to, providing guests with a real flavor of the local culture.

The customer needs are also continually evolving. Many of today’s luxury travelers are looking for something less tangible than material extravagance. The leaders of today’s luxury hospitality industry have their fingers firmly on that pulse. These companies offer bespoke packages that strike a balance between comfort and challenge.

Some of the top defining trends of the luxury hospitality industry are:


1. Authentic and Innovative Experience

The new generation travellers believe in authenticity. They thrive on experiencing new and innovative services and the best form of this for them, is to explore the local culture. It could mean tasting the local cuisine and local drink or taking a shot at the local activities of that particular hotel’s location. They are constantly looking for something fun and exciting that increases their adrenaline rush. This could be the perfect opportunity for hotels to provide in house activities such as cooking, yoga, dance and fitness classes executed by a local professional or offering thrilling adventure activities and watersports, in its unique environment. It is crucial to lay emphasis on the personalization and customization of the traveller. All services offered by the hospitality companies, should not only match up to the traveller’s expectations, but over exceed them to create customer value and retain loyalty. Hospitality companies need to identify its unique points and what differentiates them from the rest of its competitors. By doing so, it will automatically pin them high on the map. The new generation travellers will appreciate and value the uniqueness of the hotel and in turn make recurring visits and propagate the brand.

2. Hotel technology- High tech and touch points

The new age travellers want a feeling of Home wherever they go. As a hospitality hotel, they should ensure each of its guests feel a warm welcome and at home ease. In luxury travel, the travellers expect comfort at their fingertips. They want ultimate luxury at the convenience of their fingertips. Check in via mobile phones and apps, smart technology such as SMART TV, refrigerators, toilets, mirrors to its in-room smartphone and Ipads. They expect the latest automation and voice activated technology such as Siri and Alexa in each aspect of their stay, both in and out of their rooms. This gives them a sense of personalization, individualization and special treatment.

By digitalizing guest experience, the management can further improve on its innovative techniques to generate better offers to retain as well as attract new travellers.


The millennial traveller is a ‘conscious traveler’. They are well aware of their rights are surroundings. A recent case study shows, these travellers pick a hotel based on its sustainability principles. They are more conscious of the environment than any of the travellers in the past. Hotels can ensure that they are taking all steps towards a greener and eco friendlier environment by creating small garden spaces and plantations all around its property. This solves the twin purpose of sustainability and appeal. They should also follow all the correct steps of reusing materials and disposal system. This makes the traveller connect with the brand on an emotional level as it is socially responsible.

4. Micro-travel and Foodies

This has become a recent trend in the travel industry. Many travellers want to fulfill an extensive itinerary yet gain the maximum memorable experiences that they can. They want to cover majority in very shortened time and hence, they are clear on the areas or experiences they want to cover. Such type of travellers want to take advantage of every moment and so, these make them the most distinguished out of all the other travellers. They increase their number of visits and experience new memories each time, which can prove to be profitable for these hotels. Last minute bookings can be made easy through offers and incentives.

FOODIES are the modern travelers who are seeking destination based hotels hotels specifically for the culinary experience they have to offer. They travel to explore all the local culture in terms of tits cuisines specifically.. In such cases, hotels can go above and beyond to exceed guest expectations by curating a special menu in their restaurants, using all the local ingredients and preparing traditional delicacies paired with its in house wine to complement their meals. This will make the travellers feel esteemed and in turn, return or recommend the same to other like-minded guests.

5. Social networks, social media & bloggers

Online Communities such as Instagram, Facebook and TripAdvisor have a prominent impact on customers. The millennial travellers are good researchers and hence, having positive customer feedback, reviews and ratings on online portals are a great way to get them to pick you amongst the thousands of other competitors. This will enable them to build a greater form of trust with the brand as they are connecting with the other real customers who have been a part of the same experience and it is not the hotel promoting itself. Similarly, bloggers are paid and invited to experience the best of what a hotel has to offer and share their same experience to their followers, attracting them to experience the same, This results in creation of brand awareness and increases sales opportunities.

Della Resorts is a paradigm in Indian Hospitality and has been using the above trends to remain at the top of the game. It’s mobile friendly app and online presence through virtual communities enables customers to select the best package on last minute bookings. From the moment you check in for your weekend getaway, you can enjoy the luxury and comfort of each of our 245 resort rooms, we have to offer. Each luxury room is updated and installed with the latest automation and technology as well as serviced with Smart TVs and its in-house iPads to which there is an additional butler service in the Della Suites provided, to especially cater to your every need and service at your beck and call. Della Resorts believes strongly in sustainability and going green and hence the entire design of the property is based on beautiful gardens and large elegant green spaces, which adds an additional aesthetic charm, to the existing natural backdrops of the mountains and valleys. It also assures the right disposal system and reduction of wastage processes, during each wedding, events and daily operations.

To experience local culture, they can take a shot at the 70+ thrilling adventure activities at Della Adventure, India’s first extreme Adventure Park. These are taught and overlooked by the local professionally trained marshals to teach you the art, skills and technique to carry out each. The guests can also explore local food and satisfy their midnight cravings at our 24-hour award winning restaurant Café 24, that prepare delicious meals utilizing all the local ingredients made by the local chefs themselves. Each service is catered with utmost passion, efficiency and expertise to provide an unforgettable experience to our clients. It is definitely the perfect place to be for all Luxury travellers, Adventure Enthusiasts, Micro Travellers, Foodies and all those who are looking for new experiences in Indian Hospitality. Della Resorts ensures right from the moment you check in to even after the check out, you make it your home away from home. The warm hospitality and impeccable service, ensures to turn you into an extension of its family.