Four Zoroastrian Scouts Awarded the Good Life Zoroastrian Emblem


May 22, 2021

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On May 16th, 2021, the Southern Californian Zoroastrian Community gathered for the first time in many months at the ZAC Community Hall after the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

The community was also fortunate to be able to celebrate the achievement of four young Zoroastrian Scouts who were awarded the Good Life Zoroastrian Emblem by Rooky Fitter, President of ZAC and Homi Gandhi, Immediate Past President, FEZANA.

The Good Life program is designed to offer Zoroastrian youth aged twelve to eighteen residing in the US, an award that culminates their religious educational experience and is also recognized by scouting organizations such as BSA.

During a brief presentation Homi Gandhi gave a touching recount of the history of the program and his family’s significant involvement in the preparation of the original Good Life booklet.

The four Scouts Zane Commissariat, Avamehr Vaghaiwalla, Rashna Vaghaiwalla, and Rishad Vaghaiwalla, completed the year-long program, after fulfilling the religious education and community service requirements.


L to R: Rooky Fitter, Zane Commissariat, Avamehr Vaghaiwalla, Rishad Vaghaiwalla, Rashna Vaghaiwalla, Homi Gandhi


The Good Life Zoroastrian Emblem

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